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#1295: Well, that worked.

"It's a global crisis." $700 billion bailout apparently failed to address the "root causes" of the problems in the financial markets. (Why are liberals worry so much about "root causes" only when they're irrelevant?)

Michelle Malkin asks, "Wasn't the bailout supposed to calm the markets?"

I mean, that's what they told us--that the bailout would prevent another "huge" (eight percent, about 800 point) drop in the Dow, that it would add stability and have a calming effect.

Instead, the first business day after the thing is passed, there's more panic and volatility rather than less, and the Dow has dropped to a level it hasn't been at since 2004.

Yeah, that worked. Thanks, morons.

* * *

But at least I have started torrenting (?) the following series:

Rosario+Vampire Capu 2
Clannad After Story
Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka
Kyou no Go no Ni

I am still waiting for ef-a tale of melodies, Hyakko, and Yozakura Quartet. No biggie there. I've got all of Itazura na Kiss, ToLOVEru, and...uh...something else I can't remember right now to keep me occupied. Also, I've got other series that I'm watching and/or rewatching, anyway.

* * *

Best Buy has an Acer laptop on sale for $400. I have $350 in the laptop fund, but I decided I'm going to stick with my original plan and get either a Dell or a Gateway.

Right now I'm leaning towards "Dell". Target employees get a discount, since Target uses Dell computers, and I like my old Inspiron; I'm only replacing it because I want something that can actually be used cordless more than once per battery.

But the decision is not hard-and-fast, and won't be until the moment I actually make the purchase. Always in motion is the future.

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