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#1298: Shucky darn!

"It's nothing personal."
Madonna says, "Sarah Palin can't come to my party! Sarah Palin can't come to my show. It's nothing personal." No? It sounds plenty personal to me.

But if Sarah Palin gives a rat's ass about this, she's not as cool as I thought she was. The fact that Madonna said that about Sarah Palin makes Sarah Palin even more cool to me.

Ditto for Cybill Shepard. This must be "has-been" week. Who the hell cares what Cybill Shepard thinks?

* * *

Barak Hussein Obama was a member of the Socialist New Party. Will the mainstream media report it? Why should they? It's something that might make him look bad.

Besides, Barak Hussein Obama is a member of the Socialst Old Party, the Democrat party. He hasn't changed sides, just party affiliation.

* * *

North Korea is reactivating nuclear reactors to make plutonium. Why the hell do we believe North Korea when it says it will do anything? They lie about everything, just like all communist dictatorships lie about everything. You can't trust them.

* * *

I find that I have to advise against going to Lowe's for cabinets. Our order has been screwed up three times, and each time we've corrected it, it's ended up costing us more to get it fixed.

First there was the problem with the wall cabinets: given a dimension of 37.25 inches for one section of the kitchen, the stupid woman at Lowe's ordered 48 inches of cabinets for that section, and did a similar thing for the other side, which was 39" wide--and then had the gall to act as if it were our fault that the mistake happened, even after I presented her with the piece of paper that I had originally given her showing the dimensions of the east wall of the kitchen. (And once I had proven that it was her fault, then suddenly it was no longer useful to assign blame for the error.)

Second, we specified a certain amount of filler panel, got less than we needed, and had to order more.

Third, the shelving for the peninsula was wrong, and that cost us even more.

I don't know if the woman who took our order is stupid or careless, and I don't really care. The point is, it's slowing down our kitchen rebuild, and while I was prepared to be patient about all this, I've had it.

I realize it may not be entirely fair to blame the entire corporation because of one person's mistakes, but that's how people judge retail companies: by how the transactions work out. No, I would not go to Lowe's again, not for anything that has to be custom-ordered.

* * *

On the plus side, the guy came out yesterday to measure for the countertop, which means that we'll soon have the counters in--which makes our kitchen that much closer to being completed and usable again. We can't put anything in the base cabinets until the countertop is installed, because the installation will dump acrylic dust all over the insides of the cabinets, and they want to be able to clean that up without having to rearrange all the junk inside the cabinets.

Once the kitchen is done, we can get the master bathroom fixed. The drywall around the shower has moldered away in spots, and the toilet doesn't flush right; when those items are fixed I can move all my crap into that bathroom and use that one instead of the main one.

And we're still waiting for the guy to come back and put the inside trim on the windows. He has to fabricate it, though, so God alone knows how long that will take. All else being equal, we should have gone with a big name company for them.

Lastly, we'll have to get the central air conditioner fixed or replaced, because the new windows are (mostly) double-sash windows, and too narrow for room air conditioners. *sigh*

* * *

As for me, I am increasingly thinking that it might be well just to fob off the '86 Fiero onto someone else. I haven't even touched the car this year, and it doesn't seem likely that I will. It'd be better for me just to get rid of it and to put the '85 into the garage, to keep it out of the weather.

The idea grates, but I've got to be realistic about this. I don't have the time and energy to work on the thing; if I did, I would be doing a lot more with it than I am. Little things, big things, whatever--but I haven't even finished repainting the engine cradle, and it's already October--by this time next month the store will be in full-on holiday mode and I won't have any more time than I do now; and when the holidays are over it'll be January and cold--too cold to work outside. So when will I work on the '86? March? April? I might plan on it, but will it happen? Or will something else come up that will consume all my time?

Get rid of the '86, get rid of the van, and we also get the driveway cleaned up considerably. My Jeep and my Escort will be the only vehicles in it then. The neighbors will be happier, too.

* * *

There are all kinds of neat little technotoys here. Every once in a while I flip through one category or another and think, "Jeeze, that would be cool, wouldn't it?" But if I ordered everything I thought was cool, I'd have trouble buying gas and car insurance....

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