atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1299: At least I didn't point and laugh

With our kitchen still mostly unusable, Mom and I again went out to get dinner tonight. I had Chinese; she wanted a gyro. So I ordered my food and then drove us to the gyro place.

Mom went in for her gyro, and as I waited, out came these two young white guys--probably not older than 21, 22--and one of them gave me this "I'm a tough guy!" look.

He had a bright yellow hoodie hung, by its hood, from his head, and the hoodie had the word "villain" on it in those pseudo-urban gothic letters.

He and his buddy got into their car and drove off...and I burst out laughing before they were out of the parking lot. I mean, "uncontrollable laughter" laughing.

Really, I'm glad I was able to contain my mirth. That asshat was probably the sort of moron who would have to prove he was a tough guy if he thought someone was laughing at him--at least, he looked the type, especially given the look he gave me.

The "villain" legend on his hoodie was just the icing on the cake. And when I told Mom about it, I laughed more.

You know what? You're not a "villain". You're a stupid white boy from the suburbs. You're probably still in college and the nearest you get to being "gangster" is when you listen to rap music in your bedroom in Mom's house. Take off that stupid hoodie and pull up your pants, and try not to be a complete shithead for crying out loud.

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