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#1302: I've got one hour to tell you everything.

Whatever you do, don't wear compact flourescent (CF) bulbs!!!!! You will IMMEDIATELY GET SKIN CANCER if you do!!!!!!!


The article in fact says there is "no risk" of skin cancer from CF bulbs, so why the hell does the UV output matter? Our bodies have a mechanism for dealing with UV; it's called "melanin" and it is why we get suntans. Our skin also makes vitamin D when exposed to ultraviolet light.


* * *

The Japanese are warning us that we're doing exactly what they did when their Bubble broke. Good! This is very good! It means we could be in for decades of recession. Isn't that lovely?

* * *

David Morgan-Mar talks about the Cold War in the comments for today's Irregular Webcomic. The environment in the 1980s wasn't quite as dire as he remembers it here--there was also a lot of optimism--but he's not far wrong in his discussion of what the culture felt like.

For me, the most worrisome years were the mid-80s--1984-1986. Before and after that period everything seemed perfectly peachy to me. Translation: before, the media hadn't worked itself into a proper lather over Reagan's "cowboy diplomacy"; and afterwards, it became obvious to everyone that wasn't a Democrat/liberal/socialist that Reagan's policies worked perfectly.

* * *

Houston is a bunch of pikers. 4,000 dead people on the registry? They've got a long way to go before they come close to Chicago!

...I make light of it, but it's actually a serious matter. ACORN and other "community organizers" are showing us exactly why Democrats hate it whenever the people want the voting process tightened up with a photo ID card requirement.

You know, and while I'm at it, let me point out that if the Democrats were really worried about vote fraud, wouldn't they be eager to require a photo ID? Here in Illinois--which is a Democrat state--if you want to exercise your Constitutional right to own a firearm you have to have a photo ID and you have to go to a great deal of trouble to keep it current.

We require all drivers to carry a state-issued photo ID. You can go to the DMV and get a photo ID that never expires for $10, and the logic behind "moter voter" was that almost everyone of voting age has a driver's license, right?

But we can't require people to show any kind of ID before voting, no, because that is racist and discriminatory. fact, what it is, is a way to keep from voting all those dead people and others who are ineligible to vote, and that would seriously hurt the Democrats.

You think I'm wrong? The Anchoress weighs in on the issue. And so does Aaron at Eternity Road.

It's becoming a serious issue. It really looks to me as if the Democrats are bound and determined to put Barak Hussein Obama in the White House by hook or by crook--even if they have to steal the election. The press is more interested in helping the Democrats than reporting the truth, and we can expect massive voter fraud as a result.

None of this is going to strengthen anyone's faith in the electoral system. I don't expect the Democrats to understand this, but if you win by cheating, you're not only hurting your opponents; you're also hurting yourself, in the long run. Maybe they don't care about that.

* * *

I just flat-out refuse to finish on a downer, though, so I'm going to talk a bit about this article comparing 500 GB hard drives.

As longtime readers of the Fungus know, I got a Seagate 500GB drive and put it in this machine in late summer of 2007, and the drive fried its spindle bearings 6 months later. I got a warranty replacement and installed it.

But the failure worried me. Everyone has a drive fail on him once in a while; until that great day when silicon finally replaces spinning metal, hard drives will have lots of moving parts; and moving parts means "wear" and that means "eventual failure".

If I can get another Seagate for $70 (as the article alleges) then I perhaps should seriously consider doing so--looking at the data they compiled, it looks like the drive I have is not too shabby in the "speed" department. It's a good, fast drive; if I could get over worrying about the "reliability" component I'd be good to go.

Besides that, though, I want to back up the C and E drives, too, because they're getting elderly.

Their "best pick" is the Western Digital RE3 (WD5002ABYS), which is an enterprise drive--meaning it's meant to be on for long periods of time--and costs $86. That's $17 more, for better performance and reliability.

Going to have to think about that.

* * *

I don't know WTF my problem is, but I haven't felt like watching anime for a couple of weeks, now. Every time I think about it, I look at the playlist, and think, "Ehh."

Well, everyone has dry spells, I suppose.

Anyway, it gives me time to build up a bit of a backlog, anyway, so I suppose it's not all bad. It's not like it's spring and summer's coming; it's autumn, and pretty soon it'll be winter, and then (hopefully) the things that capture my attention will be reduced--and I'll have time and energy for anime again.

Besides, once it hits January 2, there won't be a lot of retailin' goin' on out there, and I expect to have plenty of free time. That's why I'm going to get World of Warcraft in late December....

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