atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1303: The urge to write fiction is slowly returning to me.

In fact, I wrote about 10 pages of a new story about a week ago, and I want to write more of it--this is the "nephilim" story I said I was thinking about--but right now what I really want to do is continue work on the rewrite of one of my big SF novels, the one that I decided has to be my "debut".

It's arguably the best story of the lot. Unfortunately, the way I write novels, the first draft is a skeleton and needs a lot of fleshing out.

This story needs a lot more description, a lot more exposition, and a lot more stuff before I can call it "ready to go". The first part needs to be more dreary; the middle part is okay, but the end part needs a bit more complexity. I enjoy the heck out of the story, but it's too dry--it would have sold big in the 1950s (and maybe the 1960s) but in 2008 there has to be a lot more drama and feeling in it for the thing to really work well. (How do I know this? The book reads approximately like something written by Michael McCollum, who is no slouch, but he is not exactly a big name in the SF world. He was published long before the Internet let him freelance, but he's not in any danger of having to quit his day job.)

But over the past week or so I've started to think about what kind of flesh I want to add to the skeleton, and that indicates to me that my brain is ready to switch from "input" to "output". This is a good thing.

I don't know the last time I wrote any fiction--the last time I felt like writing any--so I'm glad that I'm starting to get the urge again.

* * *

Thanks to stupidity at work, I find that I have to work tonight, Sunday, which is not supposed to be an "on" day for me. Sunday is supposed to be "right out", yet they scheduled me to work it. And of course I didn't notice it until Saturday freaking night; if I'd noticed it on Monday, when I was last at work, I could have said something about it and gotten it changed.

Still, they didn't schedule me for Monday, so I'll work Sunday and have 4 days off before I'm on again on Friday, so I guess it all works out. Same number of days off, different order, is all.

I did mention to the boss that I'm not supposed to be on Sundays, but that I would work it since I didn't notice it until the day before. It's fine with me--I really don't care all that much--but I'd prefer that they not make such mistakes with my schedule. To be fair, I do have to say that this is the first time they've made such a mistake, so I suppose I was probably due for one anyway.

I'm surprised that things aren't ramping up, though. Today's the 12th, and October is just a couple days shy of being half over--shouldn't sales be starting to rise as Christmas begins to loom just over the horizon? How the hell should I know? Maybe the economic crap has everyone so freaked out that they're staying home and not buying stuff.

Though I do note that the trucks are trending larger now; we took at least three trucks this week that were around 2,000 pieces each. Last night's truck was over 2,000, and there was a lot of freight for the back room.

* * *

And my pizza is done, and I must feed before I return to my crypt to await the coming of night....

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