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#1306: What was that about the glaciers, again?

They're growing. "Worst summer weather in 20 years," to paraphrase one quote.

* * *

Did CNBC actually do a documentary in favor of nuclear power? Is that even possible?

Maybe those stories about how the world is going to end in 2012 aren't wrong.

* * *

Democrat vote fraud in Ohio! RNC, hit them and hit them hard!

Once you've convinced yourself that it's okay to lie about your position in order to get people to vote for it--because it's so important!--you then need only take a small step to rationalize stuffing the ballot boxes.

The Democrats want a liberal Supreme Court, in order to make sure their policies are enacted and protected, regardless of Constitutionality. (Roe v. Wade, for example, made an end run around the Constitution and became law of the land by judicial fiat.)

The Democrats feel and believe that Republicans "stole" the elections of 2000 and 2004.

I mean, the people just don't vote the right way, damn it, because they're ignorant or stupid or fooled by the pro-BushitlerhalliburtonCheneyevilbastardMcCainPalinBitch media, so for their own good the Democrats will steal the election.

But--no, not the Democrats; that is to say, the people who are actually members of the Democrat party and who have close ties with the DNC leadership etc; no. But the DNC will look the other way, wink at the subterfuge, and funnel money to these groups when it can. (There's money for ACORN in the bailout bill, for example.) And the DNC will also stridently oppose any measure which will prevent vote fraud.

And to hell with what it means for the long term.

What it all amounts to is fringe lefty Democrats taking a messy, runny shit over the idea of "one person, one vote" or being responsive to what the voters want. The Democrats cannot implement the things they want for the US via the front door--socialized medicine, gay marriage, various "green" initiatives, etc--because Americans are smart enough to know how badly those things fail or how thoroughly they will screw things up. But the Democrats won't moderate; it's the duty of the voters to come around to their way of thinking...and if the voters won't choose Democrats, the Democrats will just make sure the "correct" choice is made, by hook or by crook.

And, as I said, to hell with what it means for the long term.

The people who Michelle Malkin mentions in her piece are all college-educated white liberals who think they're smarter and better than the rest of us, that they--as enlightened individuals!--know what's best for us. I suppose that must be why they feel justified in breaking the law and registering to vote--and voting via absentee ballot--in a state in which they don't even live. The law is an inconvenience to them, one that might keep their guy from winning in November, so why should they obey it? And anyway, it's just Ohio; it's not like it's New York or California--those hicks won't vote the right way and it's a key state so something must be done!

I notice that the entire idea of having a honest and fair election is anathema to Democrats only because they might lose. What does that say about them?

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