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#1309: Two little sunspots

#1005 and #1006, and #1006 only popped up in the last 24 hours. These are both cycle 24 sunspots.

* * *

Show me where, in the Constitution, it says there is a "right" to vote, and then I will agree that a poll dress code might infringe on it.

* * *

James Taylor is giving five free concerts to support Barak Hussein Obama. Doesn't that count as a campaign donation? How much does James Taylor make at a typical concert? That's a hell of a donation.

Denis Leary, on his first album No Cure For Cancer, discusses people suing heavy metal bands because their songs drove their kids to suicide. "Well, that's great! Does that mean I can sue Dan Fogelberg for making me into a pussy in the '70s? 'Your honor, between him and James Taylor, I didn't get a blowjob until I was 27 years old. I was in Colorado eating granola; I want some fucking money right now.'"

Still, a lot of Barak Hussein Obama's rallies have taken place after rock concerts. I guess it helps to have big-name performers on your side.

There are two reasons celebrities tend to be liberal. The first is that there is a considerable amount of filtering from the higher-ups in the entertainment industry; if you're not a liberal Democrat you'd better keep your mouth shut and claim not to be political at all.

The second is that these are people who have dedicated their lives to mastering some art form or another, and because of that they have nothing left to use to think. So you have asshats like Rob Reiner, who could live a life of luxury for the rest of his life on what's in his bank account right now, who think they know what the middle class does and does not need...based entirely on the fact that they used to play middle-class characters on TV shows.

Rob Reiner is the son of Carl Reiner, who was big in TV in the 1950s-1960s--The Dick Van Dyke Show, anyone? He's the rich son of a rich Hollywood liberal; he's never had to worry about money in his entire life.

At the most basic level James Taylor doesn't contribute anything to the advance of civilization; he's an entertainer. He's another one who could stop doing anything to earn money right now--give away all his intellectual property--and live the rest of his life in papered luxury. The interest alone on his net worth is more money than most people earn in their lifetimes. But at that level, income does not correlate to intelligence or learning; James Taylor is where he is because he has enough talent to generate catchy tunes, and people happened to like the tunes he generated, and he got a few lucky breaks early on.

I guess what I'm getting at, here, is that super-rich liberals piss me off, because they advocate things that probably won't change their lives at all, but will make things lots harder for the rest of us. In the Barak Hussein Obamanation, super-rich liberals will still be able to avoid the usurious taxation laws and financial regulations that make it hard for the ordinarily rich to get anywhere, and almost impossible for the middle class...and they'll keep telling us that we are better off because of it.

And they'll be wrong. As usual.

* * *

The economy's doing badly. Please let us out of the EU climate change package. Anyone surprised by this? Everyone who opposes emissions caps based on current climate "science" should not be.

* * *

Ever wondered what space smells like? Uh, no, because space is mostly vacuum, and vaccum cannot have a smell.

Who thinks of this nonsense? (Oh, wait. NASA, of course.)

What this smell is, in fact, is the smell of space habitats, what you smell when you take off your suit helmet inside a spacecraft or station.

Anyone who's read Heinlein already knows what "space" smells like.

* * *

Phobos is not very dense. It's a "pile of rubble". It's interesting to learn about this stuff. It may just be captured asteroids--which gives us an example of how accretion could start.

* * *

We don't know where all the oil is and new technology makes it possible to get oil from places we couldn't even think of going before. This is why "peak oil" is largely nonsense.

* * *

If John McCain had--as Barak Hussein Obama is doing--refused to allow the release of his birth certificate, the press would have it on the front page every day: "IS MCCAIN ELIGIBLE TO BE PRESIDENT?" they would ask, in 144-point type. The asshats at DailyKos would scoff at McCain's ineligibility. ("whys he even running if he's not a citizen? McCain, your a fake.")

What does Barak Hussein Obama have to hide? Like Hal Linday says in his piece, I doubt anyone would try to pull off becoming President illegally when it's something that could be so easily checked.

All BHO has to do in order to stop this nonsense is release his birth certificate, yet he won't--why?

And--just to clarify the point, here--Barak Hussein Obama won his seat as a Senator because someone sued to have unsealed the divorce records of his Republican opponent, Jack Ryan. I recall thinking, "WTF does this have to do with Ryan's suitability for public office?"

If Barak Hussein Obama is not actually eligible to be President, his (or the Democrats') strategy may be to keep it hidden until after his inauguration--then when it does surface, up pops a full-blown Constitutional crisis, one which will cause all manner of unheaval.

In that case, there are two things you can do, neither of which is good for this country.

1) Allow him to remain as President, violating the Constitution. This will set a precedent, allowing any non-citizen to be President. I assume, in this case, that the Supreme Court would rule on the issue, since this is their bailiwick; and "interpreting" the Constitution to find a way for a non-native citizen to be President would be the end of that requirement. (Without the Supreme Court ruling, it would be illegal and illegitimate but no less of a precedent.)

2) Remove him from office and swear in Joe Biden. If Barak Hussein Obama is "Carter 2.0", then Biden is "Carter Premium Ultimate Edition". To make matters worse, inner city riots would be sparked that would require martial law to quell. Biden would muff things.

God knows WTF is actually going on. If the Democrats are only doing this because "no one can tell us what to do!" it's a stupid game to play. If the Democrats, on the other hand, are planning a cynical manipulation with a Constitutional crisis as the penalty for anyone spilling the beans, then things are a lot worse than I think they are.

* * *

The Democrats are trying to destroy "Joe the Plumber" because he asked Barak Hussein Obama an inconvenient question...and BHO's answer to the question got him on the record with that redistributionist, quasi-Marxist "spread the wealth around" nonsense remark.

This is what we can expect in the new ObamaNation: make Glorious Leader look bad, even by accident, and YOU WILL PAY.

* * *

Barak Hussein Obama blames Fox News. And once the Democrats get the Fairness Doctrine re-enacted, Fox News can be silenced.

* * *

Thankfully, my brain stopped playing "Not Man Big" and is now running the opening theme for True Tears. I guess the thing about electroshock and lobotomy got to it.

Tonight is, of course, a work night. I wish I could say that I got something worthwhile done this week, but the height of the pile was cutting the grass--the Jeep's brakes, car oil changes, etc, etc, none of that got done. *sigh*

Well, Monday morning I dragged myself out of the store, came home, ate something, and slept until Tuesday. And Tuesday I wasn't much better off, being in the grips of some intestinal bug that sapped my will to live. Wednesday was "recovery day".

And to make matters even worse, the "gut malf" has led to, erm, another issue with that end of my alimentary canal. There's blood, itching, discomfort, pain, etc from that area, and I had to get a tube of "Preparation H" to alleviate the symptoms. And if the bleeding doesn't stop by next week I'm going to have to see a doctor about it. (It doesn't bleed continuously, thank God. Just after I'm finished in the bathroom, for a bit. But it's not getting better.)

WTF, I'm only 41 years old. Jesus.

As bad as this is, one of my friends in Iowa had to have surgery for this kind of issue in 2001. His hemoglobin count (which should be above 15) was 3--he needed a couple transfusions before they could operate, and he ended up missing the premiere of Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, which he'd been waiting for with bated breath for quite a while.

Anyway, it's annoying, and it's literally a pain in the ass, and it's something I don't need. Argh etc.

(By the way: if you think this is "too much information" you have clearly never read Og.)

* * *

AnimEigo says that Yawara! set one ships next week, starting Monday. I can't fricking wait.

Well, of course I can; I'm going to have to, and I've already waited nine freaking years for a commercial release of this show--and I'm not about to go up into the mountains and bury myself in a snowbank to save myself the wait.)

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