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#1310: OSC's latest is full of awesome.

Orson Scott Card on the housing crisis and how it's being reported. This is a must-read.

* * *

Good old Moammar, the leader of Libya, says Barak Hussein Obama is a muslim. Heh.

* * *

Girl is a "racist" for wearing a McCain/Palin t-shirt. Yeah, her classmates have been well-indoctrinated by the school system, haven't they?

* * *

No ID, no vote. What an excellent idea. Naturally it's mostly Democrats who are suffering. I wonder why that is?

* * *

Warren Buffet says now is the time to buy into the stock market. No surprises here; it's undervalued. I would if I could....

* * *

The Man Who Sold Mars? In any event, private space ventures are actually going someplace, which is made of awesome. I wish this guy all the best.

* * *

"Buckypaper"? It's basically a sheet of carbon atoms linked together as triangles, which can be bonded together to make whatever thickness is desired. It's conductive (both electrically and thermally) and has the potential to be very, very strong. This may be one form of "unobtanium" that could make single-stage-to-orbit ships feasible.

* * *

Last night--o Lord.

It was 9:17 and I was already in Tinley Park, and I thought, "You know, it's usually about 9:30 when I'm here. Something's going to screw me up; I just know it. It'll take a long time in the drive-thru, or there'll be a train, or something."

Got to Wendy's, ordered...then--and only then--did I discover that I did not have my freaking wallet with me.

Because I usually wear shorts to work, I keep my "pocket things" in a fanny pack and take it with me. I've done this for two freaking years. How the hell I managed to leave the house without the goddamned thing....

So I canceled my order, turned around, and drove home, got my fanny pack, and drove back to the Wendy's in Tinley Park.

I tried calling work to let them know I'd be late, but my cell phone refused to connect--then I recalled that I had forgotten to add airtime to the thing by the 14th; my cell phone was, for all effects and purposes, dead.

I said one bad word about this, explosively.

...end result, I got to work half an hour late. The boss said it wasn't a big deal (I don't make a habit of being late anyway) and the truck was 1,300--tiny--and the unload had not gone very far. (The unload typically gets started around 10:20.)

So I guess my unlucky/stupid streak didn't cause trouble for anyone but me.

* * *

I broke down and bought the box set of Speed Racer TV eps, the entire freaking series. It comes in a Mach V-shaped tin. So I guess I'll be watching it at some point.

* * *

I passed a gas station that was selling 87 octane unleaded for $3.09.

* * *

The rumors are true: GM and Chrysler are in merger talks. Wow.

* * *

The nice thing about my night at work? It was pretty easy. I was doing backstock during the truck unload, and it was low-key. Went to the warehouse with Patrick, and we were done with pulls and backstock in time to get back to the store and take the racks to the floor before lunchtime. Then I went to "MMB" to help Steve work the area.

I left at 6:08.

I didn't have to sweat my ass off, and in fact I feel pretty good and not-exhausted for a change. I will probably still take a shower before I hit the hay.

And another nice thing: they correctly commemorated my 3rd anniversary with the place (which is technically Sunday). The execs all signed a card, which was nice, and I get to pick out some kind of gift thing from the corporate web site. (Yeah, I know; but it's better than a kick in the ass, and it is nice to have them commemorate an anniversary. This is the only job I've ever had where they did pay attention to such things. It's a little thing, but the little things are important.)

* * *

I don't have anything else to talk about. The next couple of weeks are "Monday-Friday" weeks, where I work only those two days. I have no idea what I can get done, if anything, in the driveway/garage. *sigh*

Oh well. There are worse things.

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