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#1311: My card has been charged!

Yawara! volume one will soon be shipped to me! Hooray.

* * *

Run away and hide, fraudulent voters! The "Vote From Home" crowd have disappeared. Poor kids, apparently they're running scared because they don't want to be arrested for committing vote fraud.


* * *

The Chicago Tribune endorsed Barak Hussein Obama and did its best to downplay talking about Barak Hussein Obama's links to Tony Rezko, who's all sorts of criminal.
This story appears to be further evidence that Obama received a de facto gift from Rezko totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars, allowing him to afford his house. A gift that would violate Senate ethics rules and could very well be illegal.
Wow, a Democrat who thinks he's above the law? < sarcasm >How could that ever happen???< /sarcasm >

* * *

This is how the Fairness Doctrine will work. Count on it. Because let's face it, anything critical of Democrats is just not fair.

* * *

Islamic radicals use child pr0n to exchange information? Like what, "we like 'em hairless"? It should come as no surprise that these guys are into that; for cripes' sake, Mohammed was a pedo. They're just being like their dude, is all.

Just bear in mind that these guys are not people you want for next door neighbors--they exult in violence and death, and subscribe to a "religion" that advocates the oppression of women, even to clitoridectomy in some cases. These are not nice people.

* * *

Here is an awesome article which thoroughly demolishes the notion of anthropogenic global warming, and it's well worth reading. It's long, though.

* * *

After posting Saturday's entry, having a shower, and watching my car shows, I went to bed...and I slept for nearly 12 hours. Despite last night's shift having been an easy one. Dang.

But there was precious little that I really needed to do today, and I'm a big fan of sleeping--if you can--when your body wants to sleep.

Sunday will probably not be quite as restful; and I expect Monday night to be less entertaining that Friday was. I'll probably have to do Softlines, which will probably make my sides ache again--argh etc.

As usual, only two of the four car shows were new eps. Horsepower TV is working on a 1980s Mustang, the one they put a modified rear chassis into. Now it's got a narrowed rear end and huge tires and a roll cage, and a 4-link rear suspension with coil-over shocks, and they built a monster turbocharged engine to run the thing: on the dynomometer, it generated nearly 1,000 horsepower on pump gas, and about 1,100 on racing fuel. WTF.

So today's show featured them working on the chassis some more, adding more roll cage and fabricating new sheetmetal to seperate the interior from the exterior. Cripes--and it's something I expect never to do myself, since cars like that are not my cup of tea. (Especially since the engine alone probably cost at least $20,000. 1,000 horsepower does not come cheap.)

And on Trucks!, they put a 6" lift kit into a brand new Toyota Tacoma. Whee, I am thrilled.

The other two shows were re-runs, and not terribly interesting episodes to begin with. *sigh*

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