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#1318: By that standard, we can forget Hitler, too.

William Ayers' terrorist activities are "just history", so we should stop "demonizing" him.

Okay, I can understand this. Anything that happened more than eight years ago doesn't matter, right? So we can stop "demonizing" Hitler? We can finally leave Vietnam in the past, because it's "just history"!

Oh! This also means we'll finally stop hearing bullshit from the Left about Nixon and Reagan and Dan Quayle, because all that is "just history", right?

* * *

Last night I watched World's Toughest Fixes, and it was the one where they're replacing the high-pressure turbine at a nuclear power plant.

Shock: apparently the turbine gets steam directly from the reactor core. WTF? I thought there was a heat exchanger between the core and the turbines, to keep radioactive water inside the containment vessel. This is the first I've ever heard about nonsense like this--and it wasn't just "idiot documentarians screwing up" (or, worse, "malicious anti-nukers making shit up"). I mean, the workers at the power plant aren't going to take all those precautions (and encase the turbines in a concrete bunker when it's in operation!) if it's using non-radioactive steam.

I'm not kidding; by the time the show was over I was convinced that they were telling the truth, because the guys working on the turbine were wearing bunny suits and had the thing cordoned off and the safety crew was swabbing everything that had been touched by steam--and I find it hard to believe that there would be that much caution taken if the turbines weren't run with steam from the core.

It sounds as if most of the radioactivity from the steam is gamma radiation, though. It's bad for you, but gamma is not activating radiation, which is probably why they allowed the guy to get underneath the stator (once it had been swabbed and checked) and talk about how the whole thing works and fits together.

Anyway, I'm still not sure I believe that stuff. In its favor, though, is the fact that putting a heat exchanger between the core and the turbine would result in a loss of power--transferring heat from radioactive steam to "clean" water cannot be 100% efficient--and the idea is to turn as many neutrons into electrons as possible. So I can see why it might be possible that the show is right; but I've had too much experience with TV shows that know nothing about nuclear power making it look as bad as possible.

Disregarding that, though, it's a fascinating ep to watch because a power plant steam turbine rotor is a single piece of steel weighing 80 tons and balanced to micrograms. It rotates at 1,800 RPM when it's in use. They have a guy use a laser interferometer to determine how to shim the rotor casing (the stator) and that's all the guy does: he goes from plant to plant around the US measuring steam turbine rotor casings, using equipment he developed himself. (I bet that guy makes a lot of money.)

Unlike the first ep of this show I saw--the one where he's watching people replace a thruster unit on a construction ship--this one actually caught my interest and gave me a sense of awe at how big the "invisible infrastructure" of our civilization actually is.

* * *

Tam is after my heart.
...after we mapped the moon and hit a few golf balls around up there, we just turned our back on the whole thing. Scrapped our huge boosters. Used an outdated, overengineered flying garbage truck as a make-work program for NASA and a pork conveyor for incumbent congressweasels. Got in the way of private progress with government interference that would have strapped airbags on the Wright Flyer and prevented them from flying at Kitty Hawk lest they wound some rare sand flea.

* * *

Oprah, who said she won't use her show as a platform for candidates*, is offering to let Barak Hussein Obama use her facilities etc to make an infomercial.

*=other than Barak Hussein Obama

* * *

Well, she may not be Miss Teen Louisiana much longer due to her own stupidity.

She and her friends walked out on a $46 restaurant bill: "...'the service was so slow, we just said "screw it" and left'."

...only she left her purse behind. And in the purse? Xanax (legal prescription drug) and a "bag" of marajuana (only a legal prescription drug in California. Which Louisiana isn't).

It's only a coincidence that she's a blond.

* * *

Liberals demonstrate their dedication to debate and the free exchange of ideas. Oh, wait, make that "free exchange of masonry". 'Cause throwing an idea through a plate glass window just doesn't make the same kind of wonderful tinkly breaking glass sound that throwing a brick does.

Apparently the brick in question had an "anarchy" symbol on it. Have you noticed that the anarchists only support one party? And it's the party which advocates socialism, gun control, political correctness, etc, a bunch of things which require lots of government, not no government. (Unless they, by using the word "anarchy", mean something other than the actual dictionary definition of "anarchy". Which would not surprise me.)

Not that I am complaining about this. Believe me, I prefer that the radicals occupy the left side of the political spectrum. But it takes too much cognition for me to understand these morons, because my brain insists on little things like logic and causality and the fact that words mean things.

These "anarchists" are, in fact, anti-business--in fact, anti-capitalism--and not anti-government at all. They don't want the elimination of government; they want the elimination of profit. So they're not really anarchists at all, but communists...and of course that means that the Democrat party is their home, and the Republican party is anathema to everything they believe in.

And instead of peaceful demonstrations, the anarchists are prone to stupid acts of "protest" which usually involve adults having to clean up after their temper tantrums.

* * *

Always read Ann Coulter. Always. I'm Atomic Fungus, and I approved this message.

* * *

So the election is 12 days away now. All the polls are saying Barak Hussein Obama is going to win by a landslide. The ones that don't say that show a statistical dead heat, but those don't take into account all the ACORN ballot-stuffing that's going on. It's a pretty safe bet our next President will have a (D) after his name, and both houses of Congress will remain in the hands of the Democrats.

Assume that the actual demographics show a real dead heat, and the margin of victor is razor-thin. Also assume that the Democrat media are padding the polls in order to dispirit Republicans and get them not to vote: "Well, guess it doesn't matter...." If this is so, the fraudulent ACORN votes (and other usual Democrat election day dirty tricks) will hand Barak Hussein Obama the White House.

Besides which, the Barak Hussein Obama campaign hasn't released his birth certificate to clear up the real and plausible doubts about his eligibility to be President in the first place.

What all this adds up to is that this will be the first time I have real doubts about the validity of the election. The Democrat media will all assure us that the election was valid and above-board (of course) and anyone who suggests otherwise will be denounced as a "racist", and possibly prosecuted. (In fact, any criticism of Glorious Leader will automatically be discredited as "racism", but let's not get ahead of ourselves.)

The jury's out on whether or not the Democrats will actually go after Bush and other members of his administration for "high crimes and misdemeanors" (eg "Bush lied, kids died") while in office. If they do, the US is effectively over as a representative republic, and in fact may even be over as a democracy; once administrations start hounding prior administrations with investigations and trials and the threat of arrest and prison--once that happens, "rule of law" no longer applies. (Read the history of Rome.)

The Democrats will re-enact the "Fairness" Doctrine, which means that Rush Limbaugh and other conservative talk shows will disappear from the airwaves. Clear Channel Communications--a radio network built on the success of right-wing talk radio--will all but disappear. Expect the "Fairness" Doctrine to apply equally to the Internet and for-pay services such as satellite services; this being the case, even Atomic Fungus can be expected to be regulated by the FCC for "fairness". Only this is another redefinition of a word to suit Democrats; this time "fairness" means "only mean to Republicans".

We can expect socialized medicine. Some people say that it won't be a disaster because "it's only national health insurance", but that is in fact exactly the sort of system Great Britain has. (Fact: In the 1960s, infant mortality was so bad under Great Britain's socialized system that people preferred home births with midwives to hospital births.)

Of course, taxes will go up--they'll rise to punishing levels. BHO is on record--thanks to Joe the Plumber--as being in favor of "spreading the wealth around"; and socialized medicine isn't going to pay for itself. Besides, there's the "0.7% GDP" tax BHO said he wanted to enact.

(Oh, and about Joe the Plumber: if you say, do, or create anything which makes Glorious Leader look bad, expect to be destroyed for it. What happened to Joe is just a taste.)

BHO considers carbon dioxide a "pollutant". Expect a cap-and-trade system, and expect $5 gasoline. (But the press will tell you how wonderful it is that gas is $5, because we're saving the environment!)

Expect more terror attacks, some devastating, on US soil. BHO wants "talks without preconditions" with states that sponsor terrorism. Have a "bail kit" handy, have food and water handy.

Expect strict gun control.

Expect an economic depression: the economy is sputtering, and BHO's higher taxes and tighter controls on business will not help. It's going to make the Carter years look like a birthday party; and the press will tell us that it's all because of the "failed policies of the Bush administration". Everything will get more expensive. Expect cold, dark winter nights. (Expect hot, dark summer nights, too.)

Why do I say all this?

If you are a Republican, go vote. Don't listen to the damn TV morons. Don't believe the newspapers. Don't just accept that we can't possibly win, because we haven't lost until all the damn votes are counted. If you stay home and don't vote because, "Well, they said on TV that Obama was going to win," you have no right whatsoever to complain about what happens after he's President.

The mainstream media has picked their guy, and they are going to do everything in their power to make sure he wins. But all we have to do to foil them is just show up and vote on election day. The press has a vested interest in keeping us home--their guy wins if we don't vote, and we already know they are lying to us. But if we do vote, there is a chance that their guy won't win, because their strategy relies on fraudulent votes (ACORN) and suppressing the GOP vote (press).

Every single damn vote we cast makes it that much harder for the Democrats to steal this election.

If you stay home on Nov. 4th, the polls become a self-fulfiling prophesy. If you go vote, maybe we don't win--but maybe we do, because no one knows the result of the election until all the votes are counted.

Ultimately, the polls are meaningless--that's why I don't talk much about them. The only poll that matters is the one with the ballots.

If you think your vote doesn't count, just ask Al Gore what he thinks of that notion. In the 2000 election, the Democrat press called Florida for Al Gore an hour before the polls closed in the western part of the state--oh, it was an "accident" and a "mistake", of course--and yet he still lost the state, in the end, and with it, the election, by the slimmest of margins.

The only vote that doesn't matter is the one not cast.

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