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#1323: Changed my mind.

I had a full bar of tabs to write and comment about, but somewhere along the line I just decided to close them all and write about something else.

It was all politics, all news, all "Barak Hussein Obama" and leftists and socialists and...

...and I'm really tired of it.

This election cycle has been an egregiously long one. It started in the middle of last year for crying out loud, and I'm fricking sick of it. Eight more days--eight days--and then we can get into the post-election wrangling and lawsuits and leftist insanity and charges of vote fraud and voter disenfranchisement and riots and all the other bullshit that accompanies third-world elections.

So it's still not likely to be over until December. Particularly if John McCain somehow manages to pull out a win; the liberals are not going to accept it and there will be blood. You think "Bush Derangement Syndrome" was bad? Just wait. If John McCain wins, the commie-libs are going to be beside themselves with anger and hatred. It'll be "McCain Psychosis", is what it'll be.

* * *

But that's all I'm going to say about that right now.

Because USA just had to run marathons of House, MD this weekend--and because I spent all afternoon yesterday screwing around in the garage--I didn't watch any anime this weekend. My playlist has gotten pretty big:

Sugar-A Little Snow Fairy
Aishiteruze Baby
Itazura na Kiss
Kaze no Stigma
Bamboo Blade
Hayate no Gotoku

Sugar and Umisho are close to being over, so they'll drop off in a few more eps. I only just watched the last ep of Kodomo no Jikan in the viewing session I had on the 21st; otherwise that list would have another title on it.

The art for Aishiteruze Baby takes a bit of getting used to, but I can tell it's going to be a pretty good story. I've seen only the first ep of this one.

ToLoveRu is basically a Urusei Yatsura retread. They barely managed to file the serial numbers off this one; the female lead is an alien who has a devil's tail--a western devil instead of a Japanese one (oni)--but the main character ends up accidentally "proposing" to the alien girl. I've also only seen the first ep of this one, so my evaluation may change, but right now I'm saying "file a bit more off, dudes," as this story is a lot closer to UY than even Seto no Hanayome was. It's a pretty blatant copy; it's still pretty good, though.

Itazura na Kiss took a bit too much time to get started, IMHO, but overall I think the story is sound. (Yes, yes, only one ep of this one as well, so far.) I think I'm going to enjoy this one, too.

That is, if I can ever find the time to watch this stuff. How the hell am I managing not to have time to watch anime? What's consuming all my spare time? work, what else?

* * *

I've got work tonight, and my arms still ache from all the wrenching I did yesterday. (And all the cleaning and moving and searching I did in order to do the wrenching.)

It's a shame I couldn't get my brother's mini-bike out of the garage. He picked up his snowmobile from the place he'd been storing it, and had room on the trailer for it; he could have taken the mini-bike and the box of parts and left me some extra space in the garage. *sigh* He had no way to lock the mini-bike up, though, and it's small enough to be picked up and carried by a reasonably healthy adult man. Worst case, I'll throw it into the back of the Jeep when we go up there for Thanksgiving, ha ha.

My plans for putting up cabinets include cleaning the wall over my workbench of junk so I can put up at least one cabinet there, probably two. I have three of 'em. I don't know where the third one will go, yet.

Once I can move the Fiero out, then I can fix the light fixture so that it lights and remains lit steadily, instead of flickering. (No idea why it's doing that; probably a dirty contact or something. It's old.)

With the cabinets up I'll have places to PUT stuff, so I can get things neatened up a bit more.

* * *

Speaking of "old", Thursday I touched up the paint in the kitchen and reinstalled the light fixtures. The overhead lamp, I decided, was getting CF bulbs (since we had them) and so I set about installing them.

The CF bulbs were just a little bigger than the incandescent ones; I had to finagle them in. There had been only one bulb installed, and I was going to put in two, but I just could not get the second one to screw in.

After messing with it for several minutes, I suddenly realized that I had been trying to screw the bulb into an empty light bulb base. A bulb had broken off its base and the base had been left in the fixture!

Thirty seconds with a pair of needle-nose pliers later I had unscrewed the thing, and the bulb went right in. *sigh*

I wonder how long it's been like that. WTF.

* * *

The weather has been getting steadily colder, and they're saying it'll probably snow today, though there won't be any accumulation. It won't be the first time it's snowed in October around here.

Yesterday afternoon started out very pleasant, but the wind started blowing and then it started getting cold, and by the time I was ready to knock off it had actually started raining--in fact it felt more like sleet than rain. I was just glad I'd gotten all the stuff out of the driveway before it really started raining.

There is, of course, no predicting exactly what this winter will be like. The Farmer's Almanac says it's going to be very cold. We're in an extended solar minimum; what that means for us is anyone's guess. The only prediction I'm prepared to make is that we'll have weather this year, and some of it will suck.

* * *

I've been playing around with a Necromancer character in D2 lately. His name is "Necrophile" and I only just now realized that his name should have been "Necro_Phil", damn it, or some variation thereof. "Hey, it's Necro Phil!" "Hi, Disco Stu! How are you?"

Anyway, Necro Phil (I'm going to change his name) is currently running around in Act 2, Hell mode, and making lots of undead things out of formerly living things. I've found that the primary attraction of the Necromancer is that he can hang back and send his undead army in to kill stuff for him, and doesn't generally have to expose himself too much to the sharp and pointy bad guys. This keeps the Necromancer from becoming someone else's undead slave.

So when Blood Raven says, "Join my army of the dead!" I fire back, "No! You join my army of the dead, bitch!" ...except that you can't make a skeleton or anything out of a "boss" corpse, damn it.

Also, there are various other corpses you come across in the game that are actually just treasure containers, so you can't make anything out of them, either. It would be awesome if you could find a rogue corpse or a guard corpse (or barbarian corpse, in act 5) and use it to make a skeleton or something--even better if you could re-animate them as-is and have an extra few rogues or guards following you around, however temporarily.

So now, at least, I understand why people are upset that the Necromancer isn't in D3--it's a powerful character class and easy to operate.

* * *

I really need to get a life.

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