atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1324: Breath of fresh air from Hollywood

Wow. I mean, "wow".

* * *

Good. Neo-Nazi skinheads are among the most useless people in America. Rather than "skinheads" they're "shitheads". Okay, that guy in the photo accompanying the article? I think anyone who has a swastika tattoo should be taken somewhere and beaten with a bastinado.

* * *

Look, there is no one in the world who is more pro-nuclear than I am, but I have to draw the line somewhere, and that's pretty much it: putting a nuclear fission reactor aboard an airplane is a bad idea. Not only are they very heavy; but if the airplane crashes, you're going to spread radioactive material over a large area. (Their idea? Eject it before a crash and let it descend on a parachute. *sigh*) Not to mention giving terrorists another huge incentive to use commercial aircraft as "baka bombs" a la 9/11.

Better idea: leave the nuclear reactor on the ground and use it to electrolyze hydrogen. Then use the hydrogen to fuel the airplanes. This idea is not only safer, but will also allow the economy of scale: fueling many airplanes from one big reactor will be more efficient than running many small reactors.

* * *

PepsiCo has a new logo and it sucks. The font looks like the same one they used on Diet Pepsi when it first came out; the globe thingy looks like a member of the Blue Man Group wearing a red beanie with a white brim. And they spent millions on this. WTF.

* * *

Real? Or fake? If it really is a confession from a Barak Hussein Obama campaign worker, wow. If it's a fake, yawn.

No way to tell from here, though.

* * *

I locked my keys in my truck this morning.

I opened the thing, started it, turned to reply to a question a coworker asked, "made sure it was unlocked", closed the door...and then realized that I had locked the door. Argh etc.

Fortunately, a kind Orland Park police officer unlocked it for me with a slim jim. But it was a stellar ending to an otherwise uneventful night; I had Receiving and I actually had time to do it right, so I made it nice and clean as I usually do.

The guys working in the back room kind of royally stuffed it, not getting pulls done until 4 AM. Well, that's about how things go sometimes. The boss told me to do Receiving and then help out in the back room when I was done; I did as I was told, though that amounted to about 15 minutes' worth of backstocking.

* * *

It turns out that we sell a rather nice Logitech keyboard--one with a correct cursor and edit control key rosette--for $70, which has backlit keys. I think that's pretty fricking cool, and I want one. I just don't know if I want one badly enough to fork over $70 for it.

Especially when I am so close to the new laptop. Circuit City had an ad for a Toshiba Satellite, for $470, and I could actually do that right now.... But I think I'm going to go with my original plan and get either a Gateway or a Dell.

* * *

Temps were below freezing last night--there was frost on many cars in the parking lot, I saw, while waiting for the police.

* * *

We have over 40 pallets of Christmas transition in Receiving. Christmas starts setting on Sunday.

* * *

I wonder where my copy of Yawara! is? It's been a week since AnimEigo started shipping the damn things. WTF.

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