atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1325: Where's my Yawara!?

Ed, to mail carrier: Where's my Yawara!? Where's my Yawara!? Where's my Yawara!? Where's my Yawara!? Where's my Yawara!? Where's my Yawara!? Where's my Yawara!? Where's my Yawara!? Where's my Yawara!?

Mail carrier, to Ed: (I hope) "Where's my Yawara!?" "Where's my Yawara!?" "Where's my Yawara!?" "Where's my Yawara!?" "Where's my Yawara!?" "Where's my Yawara!?" HERE IS YOUR STUPID Yawara!!!

I mean, it's been nine days already.

* * *

Oh no, of course a state appointee who donated $2,500 to the Barak Hussein Obama campaign didn't do a possibly-illegal record search on Joe "the Plumber" Worzelbacher for "political reasons". Not at all! It was merely a coincidence that the search was done after Joe asked Glorious Leader that question which made him give an inexpedient answer. It's not because she was trying to dig up dirt on him so the Democrat press could destroy him, oh no!

There have been three searches of government databases done on Joe the Plumber since he asked Glorious Leader that inconvenient question--three--and one of them has already led to a disciplinary hearing to be held later.

Is this even being reported in the Democrat press? I doubt it. And in the future, people who are critical of Glorious Leader can expect to be crushed by all the power that government can bring to bear, and the press won't report it.

"Freedom of the press"? WTF.

* * *

Brian Dunbar asks, why not socialize legal help too? I think this is an excellent idea. Everyone needs legal advice; I think it's a good idea to do this. Let's have nationalized legal insurance, so that if anyone get sued, or has to sue, they can be assured that they will be able to get "legal care". Legal representation should not just be for the rich, damn it!

What I like is the commentor who (incorrectly) says we already have that, and uses it to make a (wrong) dig at the Bush administration. Heh. Nothing like ignoring the facts, I always sez.

* * *

Another reason to go buy all of Orson Scott Card's books. The man is a lunatic on amnesty for illegal immigrants, but on every other issue he's right there with cogent and intelligent thought.

* * *

This morning I wanted to make sure the kittens which had been in my Fiero were not in the garage, so I took the cover off and opened the decklid. Presto! Two kittens!

I grabbed one by the scruff of the neck. It flailed and hissed and struggled to get away, of course; after a bit I let it go.

Two kittens traumatized. Maybe now they'll stay out of my car....

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