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#1326: Sauce for the goose is NOT sauce for the gander.

Hanging Sarah Palin in effigy as a Halloween decoration is "all in good fun", but doing the same to Glorious Leader is not; it's "hate".

Oh, that's right; I forgot. Liberals are incapable of hate. Right.

* * *

An interesting point in this article says that ACORN sued "...the state of California seeking an exemption from a requirement to pay its employees minimum wage."

In other words, it's just not fair for ACORN to have to pay its workers minimum wage; it should get to pay them whatever it wants to pay.

Businesses don't get breaks like that; why should ACORN? What makes them special? "Minimum wage" means just that, and the people on ACORN's side of the aisle say that even a minimum wage of $7 per hour isn't a "living wage" and that it should be much higher than that.

Unless, that is, you work for the Liberal Overlords. Then you accept whatever pay they are willing to give you. Work for the Glorious Leader is its own reward, you fascist reactionary moron.

* * *

I wonder if Ars Technica will point up these voting machine problems? They're always very eager to point out when a voting machine problem works in the GOP's favor; here we have machines converting McCain votes into Barak Hussein Obama votes--will A.T. even deign to notice this story?

* * *

Lesbian kills her "wife" by stabbing her with a screwdriver 222 times. You know what they say: statistically speaking, you're most likely to be killed by your spouse. (Or "spouse".)

* * *

I am certain that Florida is only 2% of the states that have this problem.

* * *

Prisons in a totalitarian state are not nice places. This is news? North Korea is a festering hellhole and it's the logical conclusion of totaltarianism--all communist states end up like that, particularly if they fail to liberalize and moderate. This kind of thing is filed under "maintenance of terror", and it's one of the most important tools in the totalitarian toolbox. Look at the pictures of the globe at night, and look at how little light North Korea gives off. It's a shitpot of epic proportions.

* * *

Still no sign of Yawara!. It's been nine days since the release officially started. Where the hell is my damn DVDs that you assholes charged me for ten days ago, AnimEigo? WTF!??!?!?!

We're also still waiting for countertops. Once the countertops go in, and the sink and dishwasher are connected, we'll have a fully-functional kitchen again.

Hell, I'm just glad we can use the front hall again. We don't have to go through the kitchen to get to the front door any longer. I have to keep reminding myself the hall is clear again; well, it had cabinets in it from late August until Monday--two months--so it's only natural that I have to re-establish some habits.

So before I went to McDonald's this morning, for breakfast, I checked the weather website to see what jacket I should wear. It said 50°, so I donned a hoodie and set out.

...once outside, though, I realized it wasn't any fifty degrees. It wasn't until after I'd started the Jeep that I realized I'd looked at the Crete weather station, the one that typically reports the temperature as twenty degrees higher than it actually is whenever the sun is shining. Argh etc.

I went back inside and got my sheepskin coat, the one I picked up earlier this year (March?) for something like $25, on clearance, from work. It's a good warm coat for days when the temperature won't go much below about 35°. I don't think I'd want to wear it in the dead of winter, but for mid-autumn it's perfect.

* * *

First October snow in London since 1922 and it happens on the day that the House of Commons is debating a climate change bill. Coincidence? Or is God trying to send a message? Regardless, it's another example of the "Gore Effect".

* * *

Tomorrow is Halloween. I'm going to dig out the electic pumpkin and horror anime. Whee!

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