atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1329: Got my Yawara! today.

Eps 1-40 are now in my hands.

I've actually seen eps 1-52 (the first two seasons' worth) but it's a start, one I've waited nine freaking years for. And I've been wanting to re-watch this series anyway, even though I know it through and through. (At least, as I said, through ep 40-odd.)

The video quality is very good, though scenes with a lot of red appear a bit overdriven or oversaturated. But the quality of the video transfer is very good.

Of course I am comparing these DVDs with fansubs which were copies of copies of copies (probably of copies...) and it was all analog, so the colors on my fansub tapes appear faded. IIRC one reason AnimEigo took so long with this release was that they were restoring the video, though.

Still, original master directly to DVD will make for a much better quality video even without restoration. You can see a lot more detail in the DVD than you could in the fansubs.

Naturally the set came on a work night. *sigh* But that's okay; I've seen this stuff before.

* * *

From the image in Dan's blog I made these:


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