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#1330: If it was, there's no way for us to tell.

Was the world created about 6,000 years ago? I maintain that regardless of whether or not it was, there is no scientific way for us to know it. It's purely a matter of faith; so what difference does it make? Those who believe in creationism won't be swayed by the argument of the Darwinists; and vice-versa.

For the purposes of science and scientific discussion, it's best to think in terms of evolution et al. For the purposes of religion and religious discussion, it's best to think in terms of creation. These are different things and no single theory fits all situations. Use the right tool for the job, damn it.

* * *

Speaking of tools, a 53-year old Barak Hussein Obama supporter shoved a 75-year-old McCain supporter into a fire hydrant, and the older man needed to be hospitalized.

Classy, douchebag, classy. Would you like to try that crap with someone who's 22 years younger than you are and who can probably get back up and deck your sorry ass after you push him down?

I didn't think so.

* * *

(No, I'm not 22 years younger than he is. That was a hypothetical situation. But I bet there are plenty of 31-year-old McCain supporters that shitstick wouldn't dare to try shoving into a fire hydrant.)

* * *

Methane rises, temperatures don't, which puts a rather large hole in anthropogenic global warming theory.

The increase was recorded world-wide; AGW theory states that most of the methane increase in the atmosphere comes from man-made sources. Problem: most of those sources are in the northern hemisphere, where most of the humans and their industries are, and the increase happened at the same rate everywhere at the same time.

Short form: we don't know what's going on. Certainly we don't understand the operation of the atmosphere well enough to say that these greenhouse molecules are bad while those other greenhouse molecules--which are chemically identical to those in the first group--are good.

* * *

Barak Hussein Obama has an aunt living in poverty here in the US. It turns out that this aunt is a criminal alien who is long overdue for deportation, and in fact is on the lam from INS.

...yet she managed to get into public housing and live there on the taxpayer dime for years.

WTF--if I had an aunt who was living in poverty, and I was a rich politician with a rich wife, I wouldn't let her live in public housing like that. MIchelle Malkin quotes the comment of one of her regulars:
So let me get this straight. Millionaire Obama doesn’t use his wealth to help his poor illegal alien Aunt get out of public housing, but if I complain about Obama wanting to raise my taxes to ’spread the wealth around’ I’m the selfish one?
Yep! You've got it, dude.

Apparently she also donated to his campaign as the closing paragraphs of that article attest; since she's a foreign national (as well as a criminal alien) those campaign contributions are illegal.

Not that any of this matters. In about 4 days her nephew will be President-elect and INS won't dare deport her.

* * *

Barak Hussein Obama campaign sez it didn't cast out reporters for editorial endorsements. Yeah, sure they didn't.

They cite the fact that "two of their largest critics"--Fox News and the Wall Street Journal--are aboard the plane, but come on: they couldn't possibly throw them off, and they know it. Instead they boot people who don't come from national news outlets.

* * *

Ohio state employee was ordered to violate Joe the Plumber's privacy by her superior. "...[S]he stated the blindingly obvious truth that such searches had never been done before simply because a citizen had come to public light."

Do tell. What a surprise this is. The shape of things to come?

* * *

LOL at the last picture on this page.

Another possible LOL: "I can cast 'magic missile'!" Oh well.

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