atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1331: It's chilly.

US breaks or ties 115 cold records. And sets 63 new snowfall records.

Now, if we were getting record warm weather, it'd be all over the news and they'd be yammering about "global warming". Instead, nothing.

I do have to say that the leaves here have reached their peak color, which is unusual for early November. Ordinarily the leaves have turned and mostly fallen by now. But perhaps trees have a mechanism for dealing with cooler average weather, which somehow makes the foliage last longer into colder weather. I don't know.

Evidence of global cooling.

There is a sunspot pair on the sun right now--#1007--and it's the fourth such sunspot in the past month. This suggests that solar activity is on the rise. But don't forget this.

* * *

Yawara! is pretty damn good, and the DVD version is sharp and clear. I could see wrinkles on a couple of cels, that's how good the video is.

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