atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1334: We'll be freezing in the dark.

Barak Hussein Obama wants to kill coal power. Electricity prices--in his own words--will "skyrocket" in the ObamaNation. And he wants this and is planning on it.

Not to mention the massive economic disruption that'll take place when hundreds of thousands of workers in the coal industry lose their jobs.

In 2010, expect to be freezing in the dark, because this guy's a freaking psycho. Barak Hussein Obama and the Democrats: always looking out for the "little guy".

* * *

No $299 model? Have the geniuses \"" at ArsTechnica not bothered to look anywhere but NewEgg for prices? Target's selling the EeePC for $299.

But they're all east coasters; maybe Target is "beneath" them.

* * *

Gay radio talk show host wants Joe the Plumber dead. How liberal of him.

* * *

So after my Diablo marathon yesterday I just had to try something. I created a new character (a monk named "Monkhilingha") and started a "Hell" mode game, with the trainer turned on so he wouldn't die the first time a monster looked at him.

So the monsters couldn't hit him; and being a brand-new character he couldn't hit the monsters, either. So after the first encounter went on for about five minutes, I went and bought some magic (I'd gotten over 1,000 gp from about three chests) and tried again.

Then I went back to town again and bought more magic, and that did the trick: I was able to kill the four monsters that beset me. I also gained eight freaking levels from the encounter, and laughed until tears came.

Just running around on the first and second levels I managed to gain 22 levels of experience.

Then I tried a "normal" mode game for laughs, and of course nothing can touch me; furthermore all I have to do is glare at the monsters to kill them. The downside is that I get no experience whatsoever for killing them.

I'll have to work my way deeper into the labyrinth to see if that changes as the monsters get tougher.

* * *

But not now, as it's 11:30 on a Monday, and I've got work tonight.

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