atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1337: Time to make a decision.

You see, the laptop fund has now reached the level I was shooting for, and as it turns out Best Buy has a sale on the exact Dell laptop I wanted to buy: the Inspiron 1525. They're selling the thing for $500, which is about what I wanted to pay for it. O Lord.

I didn't have all the cash for it on Sunday (I forgot to get my paycheck on Friday). Tuesday I was exhausted from work; and so now it's Wednesday--I expect that I'll go to Best Buy today and find out they're out of them, so I'll ask for a raincheck. (I've waited about 2.5 months for this moment; I can wait a few more days or weeks.)

(I can imagine them telling me they don't/won't give me a raincheck for it. I would find that surprising but not terribly so; and if that happens, they've lost a sale--I won't pay more that that. Again, I've waited this long; I can wait longer, and I don't need the thing. My response? "I find it interesting that it's your company policy to pass up a guaranteed sale like that. Particularly in this economy. Oh well; I suppose it's not really my problem. Have a nice day." Said in a pleasant tone with a smile, because it's not the clerk's fault.)

All of this depends, of course, on the model for sale being the Inspiron 1525 that has the dual-core Pentium processor in it, not the Celeron version or something with an AMD processor. The ad is woefully non-specific about the technical specifications; and going to the Best Buy web site gets me "our site is currently being updated". *sigh* But the ad has the Intel "Dual core inside" logo next to the picture of the laptop, so I'm hopeful.

We'll see. What a stimulating life I lead.

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