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#1338: Going once too often to the well.

"As surely as a dog doth return to its own vomit...," it gets a well-deserved shotgun blast to the chest. Here's a hint: if you're going to rape someone, don't come back a few days later to do it again. If you think it's even remotely possible you may want to, search the house for weapons, because it's likely you'll be on the receiving end of something you don't want.

I'm glad that savage got his lungs shot out. Pity his victim didn't blast him in the nuts first.

* * *

North Korea is building a new missile launch facility. This'll be something for Glorious Leader to deal with. I expect he'll go to North Korea and talk to Kim Jong-Il, or whoever is standing in for him, and end up giving NK all kinds of aid in exchange for lies and broken promises. That's the Clinton paradigm for dealing with NK, and we see how well it worked.

* * *

And Obama will also have to deal with the worst economy in decades--since, oh, 1977?--and his policies as discussed during the campaign are not going to help matters one whit.

* * *

In a non-staggering display of hypocrisy, eco-nazis prevent development of solar power plant. That's right: placing the collectors in a desert--far from cities--means the power has to be transmitted via wire to the cities. The wires must cross a "wilderness area", and so the greenies have stopped the project cold.

So: we can't burn coal. We can't build nuclear power plants. And we can't build power lines to transfer power from places where we can generate it using "clean" methods.

And the comments--o Lord, the comments! This one is a beaut:
Instead of building a high voltage transmission line, they should instead use the solar arrays to run air compressors. That compressed air could be pipelined underground to the coast to turn power generators in San Diego. And if leaks occur, it is only air. No EMI, no unsightly towers and no fossil fuels. No environmental damage once the pipes are in the ground.

And the compressed air can be stored during the day to run the generators in the evening to make power when we really need it.
The poster's name is Dan Frazer from Costa Mesa, California. Nice work, Dan. Did you come up with that idea yourself, or did your mommy help you?

What the fuck is wrong with you? If the greenies object to overhead wires they're going to have an aneurysm over a pipeline!

Another Dan from Minnesota replies, "Why don’t you guys just ask the good forest fairies to fly the packets of sunshine over to you? It would be about as realistic as compressing air and pumping it."

In fact, as long as we're going that far, why don't we just pay the good forest fairies to run in little treadmills, and generate power that way? Jesus Christ. This is why our energy situation has gotten to the point it is at now: people who know nothing about technology or engineering or science electing politicians that spout feel-good nonsense, who then act on that nonsense to make it completely impossible for real adults to get any freaking work done.

And then they bitch and whine that gas/electricity/whatever costs too much.

* * *

Boortz today on why the Republicans lost. No surprises there. Good analysis. In fact, the next two topics after that one are worthwhile reading, too.

* * *

As for me, I've been looking at Best Buy's web site, and I think I'll order that Inspiron from them. $500, plus tax, plus S&H, and it should be here next week--3 GB of RAM, 160 GB HD, Vista Home Premium, DVD+/-R/RW/CD-R/RW/WTF, 15.4" screen, *drool*. Er...

Intel dual-core processor running at 2 GHz, with a 667 MHz front-side bus. Exactly what I want.

Time to buy.

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