atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1340: It's in Ohio!

My laptop is in UPS' hands and is on its way here. Departure scan as of 5:40 PM (4:40 central time).

Er, yeah--I guess I didn't mention that I finally ordered the Inspiron 1525 from Best Buy's web site. It cost $550 with tax and shipping.

I could have gotten one from Dell for $150 more with a bigger hard drive (250 GB) but with Vista Home Basic; instead I paid a lower price for a machine with a 160 GB drive and Vista Home Premium. I don't tend to run a lot of big software on portable computers, anyway. Most of the storage space in my desktop is consumed by anime, anyway.

My best estimate is that it'll be here Monday. It should get to the hub in Hodgkins by tomorrow morning, and from there it ought to reach the local center soon enough that a Monday delivery isn't out of the question. Monday, or Tuesday.

Either way I have to wait until Tuesday to play with it, so WTF.

It includes MS Works, Roxio Creator 10, and "more"--all of which will be deleted posthaste. I'll be installing Word and Avast! antivirus, Firefox, and a few other things as needed.

* * *

How very interesting--more proof that we are in an unusually quiet period of solar activity. The data presented is so very interesting to those of us who are skeptical of man-made climate change theory.

* * *

Theoretically, tomorrow we will have counters installed, thus (largely) completing our kitchen. We might even have running water by Monday. Whee!!

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