atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1341: Holy crap, "out for delivery"

The UPS tracking site says my laptop should be delivered today. Wow. Awesome.

* * *

Wind power hurts fish. Environmentalists say there is a downside to wind power. (Gee, who would have thought that?)

The reasoning is convoluted, of course, and involves hydroelectric power generation. Their point is not that wind power has a problem but that hydroelectric is the culprit here. More wind power means dams spill less water, blah blah blah, fish die, world ends, etcetera.

At least they have one thing right: there are negative environmental consequences of wind power, just as there are with every method of generating electricity.

* * *

Did these guys look at the same kind of ants I usually see running around? Because the methods that ants use to avoid "traffic jams" are physically freaking impossible for humans to use in rush hour.

Ants walk around and over each other while trying to move. Ants can do this because they're tiny and have the ultimate in off-road suspensions.

So the guys come up with this nonsense about cars communicating with each other, leaving the matter up to the humans driving them to decide if an alternate route is preferable. The problem with that is that a specific road has a certain capacity, and once that capacity is exceeded, traffic jams result. If there is a parallel route, some people will take that route; most will not. (Almost all the time the parallel route is less satisfactory, for one--being even slower to traverse than the traffic-packed route. Because if both routes were equally satisfactory, they'd both be jammed to capacity during rush hour.)

* * *

So the house is noisy right now, with the guys here to install the new counters. They were originally scheduled for noon-ish. Bonus win for me: I'll be able to get to sleep sooner.

Assuming excitement over my impending laptop doesn't keep me awake....

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