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#1343: A neat encapsulation of the next four years.

1) Arrogance: What is with this "office of the President-elect" nonsense? There's no such damn thing, and by pretending there is, Obama is acting as if he's already in charge of something. He's not; the President-elect has no constitutional authority whatsoever until his inauguration. Although George W. Bush is a "lame duck" President (since his term ends in about 50 days) he is still President and Obama is not. If a national emergency were to arise--even if it arose on January 19--it would be George Bush who would make the critical decisions, and Obama wouldn't have a say at all in how those decisions were made.

2) Stupidity: Then he promptly stuck his foot into his mouth by saying that Nancy Reagan held "seances" in the White House. While Nancy Reagan did consult with an astrologer, it was in fact Hillary Clinton who held the seances. The magnitude of this gaffe was well-demonstrated by the fact that Obama personally called Nancy Reagan and apologized for it.

Obama is "Jimmy Carter 2.0" with a "Dan Quayle" plug-in.

* * *

The laptop is still in its box. I got home from work this morning, ate something, and went right to bed. And I slept all day, getting about 12 hours' worth of sleep in all.

Everything was fine last night, except that just as work was about to start I was suddenly seized by a bout of gut malf and had to take two Imodium. About 4 AM my butt was on the floor, and by 6 I just wanted to go to bed.

I did move the laptop from the counter to my room, at least, but that was all I had the energy to manage.

Assuming that tonight is a typical Saturday night, then, I expect not to do anything to the new laptop until Sunday evening at the earliest. We'll see, I suppose. Still, having to wait until Sunday is better than having to wait until Tuesday.

* * *

The Anchoress has an image in that post which precisely defines the difference between "unity" and "division", at least according to the press.

Apparently it's 1%.

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