atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1344: Laptop still in box.

That's right; it's Sunday evening and I still haven't taken the thing out of its box. In fact, once this entry is done, I'm going back to bed.

Got home from work, showered, ate something, hit the hay and slept for 8 hours. And everything still hurts and I'm still really tired--too tired to enjoy setting up my new toy, even.

* * *

Obama attempts to vote "present". Well, he's not actually responsible for anything yet.

* * *

I filled up the Jeep this evening for the princely sum of $33. I can't remember the last time I paid $2.18 per gallon for gasoline. Probably not since 2006, but I can't really remember.

The price of gas seems to have stabilized around that level--at least, it's not dropping a few cents per day anymore, as it's been that price now since Friday. $2.18 is livable, IMHO.

* * *

It's fricking cold outside. The temperatures were in the seventies a bit less than a week ago; now it's freezing. (Literally.) I wore my winter coat to work last night, and started wearing sweatpants instead of shorts.

The store is fully set for Christmas now, but for one aisle which has the leftover Halloween junk in it (and it just went 90% off, so it'll go pretty quickly). And the toys are starting to roll in, by the pallet.

Just thinking about it is making my arms hurt. I'm going back to bed.

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