atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1347: Michelle Malkin explains all.

All about this "office of the President-elect" nonsense. But in fact a commentor points out that Obama is not the President-elect until the Electoral College elects him.

Interesting point...and true.

Meanwhile, the doofus-in-chief (oops, bad me) is already planning to close Guantanimo and put prisoners of war on trial for "criminal acts".


So we're going to give prisoners of war, who are not subject to the Geneva conventions, the same rights and priveleges due citizens of the United States as we put them on trial for committing acts of war against the US.


* * *

Dow-Jones closes below 9,000; liberals unhappy. There was an article in today's Chicago Sun-Times by some "business" writer about what she thought of the continued downward trend in stock prices even after Obama's election.

I mean, WTF, don't those Wall Street guys understand? Obama won the election! How can stock prices still be going down when Obama won?

It's another example of "fractal wrongness"--the woman's entire mindset is so catastrophically incorrect that it's impossible to explain what's wrong with it without wiping her brain and starting over.

The Wall Street guys have to work out in the real world, where policies have effects and consequences, results which are not offset by "good intentions". Wall Street believes that Obama's policies--regardless of how good his intentions are--are going to be bad for the economy, and so Wall Street is behaving accordingly. Wall Street has seen this kind of nonsense before and does not share your optimism that this time it'll work.


* * *

As for me, I am being a bad man tonight and not going to work. My arms and legs hurt.

They were hurting yesterday, but I expected that; what I did not expect was for me to wake up at 6 PM with my arms and legs still feeling well-tenderized. It hurt to get out of bed; it hurt to move; it hurt to walk. In fact, it hurt just to lay in bed, and it hurts just to sit here at the keyboard.

I didn't think I worked all that damn hard Friday and Saturday, dang it.

Anyway, I failed my "Will" save, and so I'm staying home and vegetating tonight. But doing that tonight means I can't do that next week, or the week after. And yeah, I do feel guilty. What else is new.

* * *

It's really hard to believe, though, that it's already going on mid-November. (I know I say this kind of thing all the time.) This year has flown by; and soon it'll be Christmas Eve and I'll be saying "WTF happened to 2008?" My goodness gracious. And then it'll be January.

* * *

I really haven't got anything else to discuss right now. I don't even know what I'm doing out of bed, to be honest....

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