atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1349: No, Tim; you're a moron.

Tim Robbins says it's "hard to vote".

So hard, in fact, that he had to go get a court order allowing him to vote at a precinct where he wasn't supposed to vote.

Most people would just say, "Oh, hell, I didn't realize my polling place had changed," then drive over to that one, vote, and just remember it for next time.

But not Tim Robbins; no. Instead he got a court order so he could vote where he had always voted and then trumpeted about how hard it is to vote in the US.

Grandstanding, whiny, punk-ass bitch.

* * *

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama says her husband is going to be ready to "rule" once he is inaugurated.

...wait, "rule"? Presidents don't "rule".* They "lead" or "govern", but a President has never "ruled" the United States. What does this say about Michelle's mindset? Does she know something we don't?

Taken by itself it's just a slip of the tongue; but factor in their plans for the "Obama Youth Corps" and the politically-motivated (and illegal) searches of Joe the Plumber's background. Consider also that Obama is himself a far-left Democrat, who has advocated wealth redistributionism.

If there's a mysterious fire in the Capitol building, and the government blames it on [whoever], I'm heading for New Zealand.


*=Unless they are Reagan; then they r00lz ur sch00lz, permanently:

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