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#1350: That's the problem with smart people.

They think everyone else is stupid. But it's not so--and a smart person is making an egregious error if he assumes that a person who has a differing opinion from his is "stupid" just because the other person doesn't have the right degree or party affiliation.

That's the main reason that intellectuals are usually wrong.

* * *

This is "tolerance", liberal-style. Lesbians disrupt a church service with profanity, condoms, and other stupidity.

...wait, condoms? Why do lesbians need condoms? I mean, where would they put them?

* * *

Hugo Chavez continues to display the reality behind the "workers' paradise" of Venezuela. If the people don't elect his pick, he plans to send in the tanks. Yeah.

* * *

I am pleased to report that Chicory is now up to 11 pages, and I've gotten what will probably be the first of many bath scenes into the story. (As promised here.) And I've discovered that one of Subaru's friends is a weirdo--she's frustrated that she doesn't get to be in the onsen when the 40 junior high school girls (there on a trip) are using it.

I knew something had to be wrong with Ayumu Katsura. I purposely made her character design look like Osaka from Azumanga Daioh, and gave her a surname that was similar to Osaka's, and the same first name; and so her friends (except Subaru) tease her by calling her "Osaka". Which she hates, of course.

But Ayumu wasn't going to be spacey and a bit stupid like AD's Osaka; it had to be something else. Well, liking younger girls is a weird trait for an 18-year-old high school girl. It'll do, and it's actually pretty harmless since it's not a major focus for the story; it's just a character trait from which I can draw some humor. In fact, I already have a panel in which Subaru gives Ayumu a look which is simply priceless.

I can see this exchange taking place when Ayu-chan's fetish becomes known:

Subaru: Why on Earth do you like junior high girls so much?
Ayumu: Because they're just so damn KYOOTE!

...and I'm thinking that Ayumu will--ironically--be the first of them with a boyfriend, because she's not that weird--she's not a lesbian or anything. (Or not seriously, at any rate.)

Anyway, at page 11 I've introduced most of the main cast, with the exception of Subaru's grandfather and some supporting characters. And the story seems to be off to some kind of start, too.

* * *

One useful thing about ep 12 of Itazura na Kiss is that it gave me some good references for a Japanese-style inn--which I need for Chicory. Luckily for me I could save frame grabs....

* * *

There's a real dearth of stuff that interests me on the intartubs this morning. Well, it's only 5:30 right now; I slept and woke and slept and had a shower and watched anime, and then came over here to bloggerate a bit before going to bed again. On the plus side, the pain in my muscles is almost totally gone now, and I actually feel human. Considering how much I slept in the last 48 hours I damn well ought to be feeling better.

But it's cold and wet outside. I was hoping I might get the oil changed in the Jeep this week, but it looks unlikely from here--there's precipitation in the forecast until this weekend--and it's not critical, anyway. I also want to get the Escort's oil changed and a few other minor maintenance items squared away, so I can hope to rely on it should the need arise this winter. But I'd rather drive the Jeep in inclement weather, you see.

The Escort should be reliable, but it does have 150,000 miles on it--and that's not a prescription for reliability, especially when the thing burns oil on one cylinder. It'd be just my luck to have something grenade on a frigid and snowy night/morning when I'm in the middle of nowhere, leaving me stuck until a tow truck could come get me. No thanks. Stranded in summertime, WTF, you won't freeze to death--but in winter, it's a little more critical, and I refuse to risk it.

One of my plans involves having a spare battery (the one from the MGB, if it's still usable) on a float charger, in the garage. Then if I need to use the Escort and its battery is dead, just yank it and pop in the spare--ten minutes and I'm on my way, and the dead battery can go on the charger.

Next year, then, with the '86 gone and the garage cleaned, I'm hoping to do the Escort engine swap and fix the damaged A-pillar on the Jeep, both of which will be major projects. The Escort engine is obviously so; the A-pillar isn't. But I'll have to have the windshield removed in order to do the work, because otherwise I'll crack and/or shatter the damn thing while trying to pull the dent and work the metal back into some semblance of its proper shape--and since I don't trust my windshield-removal skills, I'm going to have a pro come and do it, and then come back and put it back in once the metalwork and the filling and sanding and painting is all done.

A grandiose plan--I haz one. (Actually, I have several. What else is new?)

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