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#1351: Radioactive beer kegs?

Because of the rising price of scrap metal, scrap metal from third-world countries must be checked with a freaking Geiger counter.

Come to think of it, there was an episode of House, MD like that. Only it was a domestic "recycler" (junk man) who had given his son a piece of radioactive waste as a "good luck charm".

Fortunately, here in the US stuff is checked for radioactivity before it's allowed in.

* * *

DOW closing in on 8,000. Wednesday it dropped to 8,283. But not to worry; once he is inaugurated, Glorious Leader will fix it!

* * *

The interview is from 2006, but it fits nicely with what Obama said during the campaign...and it was said--plain and simple!--by the guy who is now Obama's Chief of staff: "Somewhere between the age of 18 to 25 you will do three months of training. You can do it at some point in your college time. There can be nothing wrong with all Americans having a joint, similar experience of what we call civil defense training or civil service."

Oh, "there can be nothing wrong with" it, eh?

Who was supposed to reinstitute the draft again? Weren't the Democrats all saying that the Republicans wanted to do that, while sponsoring legislation to reinstitute the draft themselves? And now Obama and his cronies want to make every college student take three months of "training" in a boot camp?

And make no mistake about it: this is a draft. If you have to do it--and the words being used by the nascent Obama administration are "mandatory", "compulsory", and "required"--it's a draft. Obama proposes to draft people into a "national volunteer service"--WTF, it's not a volunteer service if you have to do it.

Would Obama have selected this guy to be his Chief of Staff if he didn't think his ideas and opinions were a good match with his?

* * *

However, this would explain it perfectly.

* * *

If you need to come up with wild theories to make your theory match reality, maybe some of your assumptions are wrong. The idea that Earth is in the middle of a kind of "void" in the universe goes against the Copernican ideal that the universe is generally homogenous. But making that assumption eliminates the need for "dark matter" and "dark energy".

And why do you never hear about this bit:
Dark energy is problematic. No one really knows what it is. We can make an educated guess, and use quantum theory to estimate how much of it there might be, but then we overshoot by an astounding factor of 10120.
10120? Do you know how fricking big of a number that is? 10100 is a googol, for crying out loud. There's only about 1080 atoms in the universe; that's how big that number is.

10120 is forty orders of magnitude greater than the number of atoms in the universe.

Okay, let me give you an example: Hold up your hand. If the gravity due to the mass of your hand was suddenly increased to a value 10120 greater than it naturally is, you'd become a black hole in pretty short order.

10120. Jesus Christ! Forget the ballpark; that figure isn't even in the same universe as the correct one. And people wonder why the hell I think dark matter and dark energy are crap....

* * *

I've been giving some thought to everything that's been going on, and I realized something really important about Obama winning the election.

The US elected a black man, which should nicely take the wind out of Jesse Jackson's (and those of other race pimps) sails. Any charge that the US is "racist" should now be answered with, "We elected a black President. STFU."

The Democrats got control of the US just as it's entering the worst recession we've seen since 1978, and their guy is so far into the "tax and tax and spend" column that he almost registers as "communist". Higher taxes--particularly on the most productive members of society--will not foster job creation. Especially not during an economic downturn. This should finally give the lie to how effective taxes are at sponsoring economic growth.

During the next four years we have an opportunity to watch as the Democrats get to do everything they've wanted to do--and completely stuff up all of it. If they change the filibuster rule in the Senate they won't even have Republican obstinacy to hide behind.

The press cannot continue its love fest for Glorious Leader, not if it wishes to remain profitable and retain the public trust. It's going to have to start being adversarial with the new administration; even if it somehow manages to wait to do so until August or September of next year, it will happen, and I think it'll happen sooner rather than later. ("Later" being December 2010, after the mid-term elections are over.) Once Obama begins to rule govern he won't have the luxury of voting "present" and his policies will start to have real effects on the American economy.

(I find it interesting to note that very little economic news is good these days, and though the pro-Obama press is trying to spin it as a "leftover crisis from the Bush administration", that dog won't hunt much past 2009. Obama had better hope for a short recession.)

Finally, the Republican party needed the drubbing it got. I'm not kidding; I would have preferred a Hillary Presidency to Obama, but I'll take what I can get--and that means looking on the bright side: losing the election smacked us where it hurts, and hopefully that'll get us to stop listening to the country club Republicans. Every time we listen to the liberal Republicans we get our collective ass handed to us--every time--and this election has been no exception. It took Sarah Palin to bring conservatives on board with the ticket; she had everything John McCain lacked, and the press knew it, which is why everyone in the press worked so hard to destroy her. It's easy for a Democrat to defeat John McCain; it's not easy for a Democrat to beat John McCain with a hard-right running mate, so the running mate had to be minimized. We need to stop nominating moderate-centrist-liberals for national office. We need people who make George W. Bush look like the moderate he is. If McCain had won, we would have gotten "Ford 2.0" and worse. And losing this election has hopefully made it plain to our party leadership that "Democrat lite" is a losing proposition.

The press has never liked us. Get used to it; they don't like us and they never will, so let's stop trying to get them to like us. Stand up for our principles, don't get involved with perfidy--don't give them anything to hang us with, live and act right--and never let them get us angry or see us sweat while we pound our message right past them, directly to the American people. They will listen to us and vote for us if we are Republicans and not RINOs.

Damn it! I'm a freaking stockboy and I know this! Why don't the Ivy-league Republican elites understand this shit?

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