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#1352: Warming? Cooling? WE DON'T KNOW DAMN IT

An excellent article on global warming alarmism. Follow the links, too.

Such as this one, which discusses how Nature published a paper asserting the reality of man-made global warming without even looking at the data. The data turned out to be pretty much made-up hogwash.

And meanwhile the horseshit continues to spill from their mouths. These guys say that "greenhouse gases" are falling (they're not) and that Earth is going to get cold.

If Earth gets cold, it won't be because of greenhouse gases. It just might have something to do with the incredibly low sunspot count for Cycle 24, though.

* * *

All they have to do is release a real long-form birth certificate and all this nonsense will go away. C'mon, Obama guys--if this is "garbage", blow it out of the water by releasing the long-form birth certificate. You can make your critics look like panicky crackpots, and you won't get such a good opportunity again if all the cases are tossed out.

...unless you really have something you wish to keep hidden, that is.

* * *

The forecast includes a chance of snow on Saturday. Welcome to November.

Thanksgiving is a scant 2 weeks away; and two weeks from now I will be thinking about what work will be like on that particular Friday night. Our sales projections for that day amount to, well, a lot, and both Fri and Sat are going to be hard nights...and I expect to work both of them and the following Monday.

It's helpful that next week (11/16-11/22) will be a two-day week for me, which should let me relax and get my strength back after this coming weekend. We'll see, I suppose. I don't expect Thanksgiving week to be easy or fun.

We'll be receiving a lot of freight and we'll be doing a lot our usual stuff--but I don't know what our truck scheduling is going to be like, though they have as much as promised there won't be any triples this year.

Small comfort. It'd be better for us if we had to take a couple or three triples per week--but Target Corp. is doing okay, so hopefully we'll all still have jobs next year.

And somewhere around all this nonsense I've got to get the Jeep's wheels balanced and my hair cut, which I still haven't managed. Argh etc.

Oh well. Right now I'm going to hit the hay and see how much sleep I can get.

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