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#1353: Schedule is interesting.

...because I don't work the Saturday after Thanksgiving, as I'd expected to. Interesting, indeed, and welcome, since I expect that Friday night to be a butt-buster.

Also interesting is the rumor (but it came from an exec) that we won't be taking a truck Monday night. I hope its true, because I'd love to have an easier night of it for once. Last night I had to pull toys after doing the backstock side of the line; toys was huge and it took me 1.5 hours to complete.

* * *

Chevrolet apparently had a modern V8 in 1917--a real overhead valve V8 with cross-flow heads and everything.

* * *

Alan Keyes weighs in on the Obama birth certificate issue. I've liked Alan Keyes since I heard him speak at the 1999 straw poll in Iowa--he gave a real stem-winder.

* * *

Meanwhile we learn that the definition of "change" is "bringing back the Clinton cronies for another go". Well, it is a change; it's certainly a change from the Bush administration....

* * *

And Ayers claims that the Weathermen bombings weren't "terrorism". Well, WTF were they, then? Birthday celebrations? Holiday fireworks?

Emplacing and allowing a time bomb to detonate is not a "protest" even if you are taking pains to avoid injuring or killing people. It is still terrorism.

* * *

The Anchoress has a quote today which makes an excellent point about those who oppose California's Proposition 8: "…this is a Republic. It’s not up to the courts to make that decision. Remember how you hated it when you thought the SCOTUS overturned ‘the will of the people’ after the 2000 election?"


The answer, of course, is that--to liberals--it is the function of the courts to advance the liberal agenda, because they can't get their desires enacted into law any other way. The fact that this is a non-Constitutional expropriation of power notwithstanding.

* * *

"I tell ya, this man choked me, and then I had this accent..." A friend of mine once told the story of a person he encountered on a bus or train in Chicago, who spoke with this thick Scots accent, and he insisted that he got the accent after being choked. Perhaps the guy was not crazy, but telling the truth.

I doubt I'll ever know. Or care all that much.

* * *

I agree with Michelle Malkin; you must read the post she links to. Read it all.

...but these people believe that it's all right to censor "intolerance". They don't understand that once you start shutting up "intolerant" speech it's a short hop to shutting up all speech. And suppose one day the government decides that homosexuality is really, really bad? Then the homosexuals will find themselves on the receiving end of the same sort of nonsense they're pulling now on Christians.

A lot of homosexual activists are hard-left, socialist-to-communist. Here's a news flash for them: every single socialist/communist country in history made it a crime to be a homosexual.

* * *

Find out who did this and fire them. A government agency committing ID fraud--the people responsible should go to jail for that, just the same way any private citizen would.

* * *

I'm pleased to report that Chicory now stands at 14 pages, and once I'm done with this I'm thinking I'll go draw another one. If I can just manage to make myself draw one page per day of something (not necessarily Chicory, but that's what's got my attention right now) I can rapidly expand the number of pages.

I enjoy reading my manga, even if it's just in layout form; every time I get to the last page I'm disappointed that there's not more--well, the only way for there to be more is for me to draw it, and if I can just maintain enough discipline to draw a page per day there will be more.

Friday morning I drew one page (just one) while I was waiting for a load of laundry to finish washing, so I could throw it into the dryer before going to bed. That's exactly the kind of situation I'm talking about.

It would be nice if I went to the warehouse once or twice this season on a night when someone else was driving the big truck. I could get several pages done in a night; the table in the warehouse breakroom is perfect for drawing.

* * *

Sirius and XM have merged; and so the channel lineup for users of both services has changed. They had the '80s channel on at work last night, and the mix of songs was much better than the pre-merger Sirius channel was. I guess I'll see how I like the mix of songs on the channels I listen to via the satellite dish. (DirecTV had XM and now has the new merged lineup.)

Man, it's already past 8 AM. I'd better think about hitting the hay soon.

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