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#1356: Tuesday morning; I'm tired

Everyone's upset with the Sirius-XM post-merger channel lineup. Except me. I don't really care. We get XM as part of our DirecTV service, and I listen to it once in a long while. "Audio Visions" has been replaced with "The Spa", which is approximately the same thing with a different name. "The System" is still there. "Bluegrass" is still there. The classical music channels I like are still there. So I don't really give a rat's ass.

Now, if I were a subscriber and was missing channels I liked, I might care then. But I'm not, and I don't. Oh well.

* * *

3.2 GHz is still the limit for microcomputer processors. But Intel's new part will feature quad-core goodness, and four cores running at 3.2 GHz is a shitload of processor bandwidth.

If, that is, you can get the OS to feed them all instructions simultaneously. (One would assume that part has already been handled, though.)

* * *

Not Evil Just Wrong is the title of this documentary. I want to see it.

* * *

I'm linking to this article because it contains information I wish to be able to remember, such as the fact that GM pays $1,600 per car to give its employees health insurance.

Also because it's a good piece.

(Incidentally, the way the Boortz site does archives now sucks.)

* * *

Last night I picked up a small $10 FM transmitter which allows me to transmit sound from my MP3 player to a nearby FM radio. This is pretty cool, because now I can listen to my music in Receiving.

The problem is that the transmitter has four frequencies you can use, all in a pretty narrow range, and all those frequencies are used by local radio stations. It doesn't matter to the radio in Receiving, which doesn't have an antenna, but this means I can't use the thing in a car, damn it. At least, not around here.

* * *

Theoretically, we are supposed to get our sink and dishwasher connected today. Here's hoping.

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