atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#136: Adventures in Escort Repair 5

...exhaust pipe today. And that's all.

Lots of thunder and lightning this morning. Power was off for at least an hour, and by the time the rumblies had passed I was asleep.

Got up and went to Harbor Freight for the exhaust pipe cutter I needed. I also picked up a media blasting device--normal price $40, on sale 50% off--which says it needs only a 1 HP compressor to run it. My compressor is something like 2 or 3 HP, so maybe--just maybe--I can media blast parts now. I also bought a set of pass-through rachets and a 25-lb box of coarse walnut shell media...and, of course, the exhaust pipe cutter.

I had planned not to do any work today--too damp, too humid--but I thought, hey, why not? The pipe cutter should make this a quick job!

Uh, no.

The pipe cutter made the job easier but it didn't cut through the pipe completely. The cutting wheels just gave up and died; either they're not made for stainless steel or else they're just cheap crap.

Personally, I vote for #2. I knew I was buying a cheap tool, but I expected to get more than part of one use out of it before it broke. Well, I have to go back there tomorrow anyway, so the thing will get exchanged for a new one.

I ended up having to use the cutoff air tool to finish the cut, but I then installed the flex pipe. It's no quieter than the half-assed repair was, but it is certainly more gas tight.

Oh--why do I have to go back to the tool store tomorrow??


After the car work, and after dinner, I went down to get a clean pair of underwear, intending to take a shower. Well, the carpet went squish and I said many bad words. There was half an inch of water on the laundry room floor. I grabbed a spare chunk of small PVC pipe, intending to give the float switch a whack; but I had barely hit the water with it and the sump pump switched on.

Neither the main pump, nor the backup pump, had switched on. The lighting in that area is terrible so I couldn't see what position they were in. But since all I'd had to do was barely tap the surface of the water, I conclude that something rolled a critical fumble.

Once running, the pump rapidly sucked the water out, leaving us with a sodden carpet. We cleaned up and discovered that only about half the carpet was wet; we ran the wet-dry vac and filled it two and a half times before deciding that we had gotten enough of the water out that any further activity would be pointless. There's a fan blowing on the carpet now, and we've got the furnace blower running to circulate the air out of the basement.

SO: Tomorrow I am going to go buy a flood alarm and install it. Probably this will cut into the time I have for working on Red. Argh etc. But if the damn sump pumps need to be watched like four-year-olds in a candy store, I guess that's what I've got to do.

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