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#1367: Expect pay-per-view to become the only way to watch TV.

And if your machinery doesn't meet the standard you won't watch anything.

The revenue model that the RIAA and MPAA would love to have would be for you to give them money any and every time you watch, read, or listen to anything they own.

Example 1: you buy a DVD containing a movie. You put it into your DVD player. The DVD player checks the Internet to see if you bought a legitimate copy; and when it finds that you did, you are prompted to input payment information in order to "unlock" the DVD. Once this payment information is entered, you are charged every time you watch any portion of the DVD, possibly with the exception of the FBI warnings (which you still won't be able to skip) and the root menu. The DVD won't work in older players without the payment hardware. If you rewind and rewatch parts, you get charged a pro-rated fee based on how much "extra" watching you did, possibly exceeding the original "per view" payment.

Example 2: You can't watch that episode of CSI: WTF when it's being broadcast, so you set your DVR to record it. The DVR already has payment information since the DVR service itself is a subscription service. You are charged when you record the show (because that counts as "watching" it) and you are charged whenever you play back the recording (because that also counts as "watching" it). Same as with the DVD, you get charged extra for rewinding and rewatching. And it's up to the TV station whether or not you can skip the commercials.

Example 3: You buy the latest CD from your favorite band. You can't listen to it in your older CD player; it has special code which keeps it from being usable. But your brand new CD player--sing along, folks!--has your payment information so it can charge you whenever you listen to the CD.

Make no mistake about it: this is exactly the model that the MPAA and RIAA want, because it ensures that they make money in perpetuity off of whatever intellectual property they've got. The problem is, it leads to:

Example 4: You're sick of being nickle and dimed to death for shit, so you download all that stuff from the Internet for the price of your ISP connection, and watch it DRM-free on your Linux box. You get all the resolution and impact of the original without having to pay some douchebag every time you want to see it.

* * *

Deep sea diving under New York City. God alone knows what-all is under that nightmarish metroplex from hell.

People ask how the hell the project was completed in 1944? Simple: there was no water in it while they were building the thing. Since the city of NY can't just shut off the water supply and drain the thing, these intrepid young men must risk life and limb to fix the thing while it's in operation, and that means living in a pressurized steel tank for a month.

Making a shitload of money, but WTF, I sure as hell wouldn't want that job.

* * *

Speaking of repairs in extreme environments, WTF is up with the stupid urine recycler on the space station? NASA is proving that it can't even get a stinking water purifier installed without cost overruns.

* * *

It's almost 8 AM here at the bunker and I'm starting to fade out. Work tonight, of course, followed by an easy 3 days culminating in a trip to my brother's house on Thanksgiving.

Then, Friday--which I am not looking forward to. I expect work to be a complete and utter madhouse, and I expect the work to be enormous. In 2006 I got out of the store at 8 AM. Last year I drove the big truck for most of the night, and left at 6 AM. I really hope it's like that this year; I really hope so.

But if not, WTF. I've got Saturday and Sunday off, anyway.

The store has switched to holiday hours, too, which means it'll be open until 11 PM tonight. Whee!

* * *

And that's all I've got, really. I'm going to hit the hay.

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