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#1369: Pointing out the flaw

The Obama birth certificate posted on-line is not a legitimate document. The expert opinions given in the article demostrate this.


I look forward to watching all this unfold, but my prediction is that even if Obama isn't Constitutionally eligible to be President nothing will be done about proving the fact. He's a Democrat, you see.

Now, if this were a Republican, we'd have the press screaming (and suing) for him to release his birth certificate. Instead, complete silence. Complete.

Think I'm wrong? A) John McCain had to release his birth certificate. B) Obama won the 2004 election for his seat in the Senate in part because the press got rid of Jack Ryan for him--the press sued to have Ryan's divorce court records (which had been sealed by a court order) made public, and the ensuing scandal killed Ryan's campaign. Ryan had had a chance of beating Obama before that, and Ryan's wife (Jeri "7 of 9" Ryan! WTF did that guy let her get away??) fought to keep those records sealed. But the press won the court case and Obama essentially ran unopposed; the GOP brought in Alan Keyes but with a scant few months before the election Keyes could only get the votes of the die-hard GOPers (like me).

* * *

Colmes to leave Hannity and Colmes on Fox. Interesting, because they'll have to find someone to replace him; I wonder who it'll end up being?

* * *

WTF. Mystery piano found in woods. This could be fodder for an SF story....

* * *

"A government that spends wisely" wins the award for the most laughable words Obama has spoken yet. There is no such thing. Never has been, never will be.

* * *

Huffing is bad for you. Okay? Using gasses which displace oxygen in order to get "high" is stupid. WTF, he couldn't get beer? In a fraternity house?

It may be crass and unsympathetic of me to say so, but we have a Darwin award winner!

* * *

Last night was supposed to be a double truck. The second truck was canceled, and the stuff from the second truck was put on the first truck.

Total: about 1600 cartons.


I mean, it was the Monday before Thanksgiving! We only had two doubles scheduled this week to begin with, and one of them is essentially the truck we won't take Thursday night because the store is closed on Thursday! WTF!

Argh etc.

* * *

Chicory: chapter one came out to 23 pages, and chapter two is currently sitting at six, for a grand total of 29 pages. And there are a couple of good jokes in there, even.

Page 1 of chapter 2 introduces Kurata-sensei, Subaru's homeroom teacher. I'm looking forward to more of her in the story. She was one of the inchoate supporting characters that I knew I'd be introducing sooner or later, and there are still a few others lurking around in the back of my head waiting for their chance upon the stage, so to speak.

Chapter 2 picks up about 4 weeks after the end of chapter one, and it's very close to the holidays now; in fact the story opens on the last day of school before winter break. (Or at least the day before it.) I'm expecting to include another onsen scene, only this one will involve Kurata-sensei and some sake. This is why the chapter splash page features Subaru, clad in a towel, sitting in the onsen and smiling over her shoulder at the reader....

(All of this, of course, is subject to executive veto by The Hand....)

But Kurata-sensei ends up being a major influence on how Subaru deals with the problems that are facing her, so she's actually kind of important.

There will have to be some male characters introduced sooner or later. Subaru will have a love interest; and of course I've already decided (as I said in a prior post) that Ayumu ("Osaka") will get a boyfriend before Hotaru or Subaru. Subaru will probably be last, in fact, but then she doesn't have to hurry since she had a serious boyfriend before she had to move to Hokkaido.

* * *

That reminds me: one of the best lines in the High School Girls manga comes when Ayano is telling Eriko, Yuma, and Akari about the date she had with Shimotakatani-kun the day before.

The story is about how Ayano asked S. to make her his woman, and he refused, citing the fact that he wanted everything to be done correctly and that he wanted their love to be a pure thing, not just crass biological stuff; and Ayano gushes about how wonderful all this is to Eriko et al.

Eriko says disgustedly, "You realize it's going to sound just like this when she tells us about her first sex ever."

What a great line.

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