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#1370: Miscellanious, again.

Okay, episode 20 of ToLoveRu is a complete waste of time. And not just for the viewer; it's a waste of the animators' time, the director's time, the producers' time, the--hell, it's not worth the bits that make it up.

When the animators show the character watching TV, they're watching a fictional magical girl show named "Explosive Heat Girl Magical Kyoko Flame". Well, ep 20 is an entire episode of "Magical Kyoko", and it sucks ass. It is boring and it is stupid. I watched the entire thing hoping that the "show within a show" would end, but it went the entire length of the episode.

That's okay. I never have to watch it again.

* * *

I have noticed, as the price of gasoline has dropped, that the price gap between it and E85 has narrowed. Earlier this year, when gas cost twice what it does now, E85 was $0.50 cheaper per gallon.

Now it's a mere $0.10 cheaper. At the gas station which sells E85 that I drive past on my way home from work, gasoline is $1.90 per gallon, and E85 is $1.80 per gallon.

Last week gas was $2.10 and E85 was $1.90.

So, WTF--does the subsidy on E85 decrease if gasoline becomes cheap, or is the gas station trying to skim a few extra dimes in profit per gallon?

* * *

This must be one of those "government that spends wisely" programs.

* * *

Michelle Malkin has several blog posts on the eHarmony travesty of justice--where a lawful, legal business was forced by a judge to offer a service it was never meant to offer--and there is this comment which sums up rather nicely my own attitudes about the Left and its debate tactics.

BTW a libtard Godwinned the thread on the first freaking page....

* * *

27 megawatts from 70 megawatts total produced power? Dang, that is a shitload of waste heat--where the hell does it go?

The nice part: if you punch a hole in the thing, fission stops. If it gets too hot, fission slows; the thing is physically incapable of meltdown.

The reactor runs for 5 years on a charge of fuel, which is not bad--27 megawatts for five years ain't chicken feed. And the reactor itself is expected to cost about $25 million a crack, which is peanuts for that kind of power.

I still think a "personal" reactor of approximately the same type would be great--maybe one that generates about 1-2 megawatts of electrical output. 1 MW is more than enough to run a typical home, and the owner of such a unit could sell his excess power to the electric company. Make one that can run for 20, 30 years and sell the first model for a million bucks. By the time production hits stride and demand grows, and the economy of scale takes over, they'll be selling 'em for a quarter of that. And all the stuff I mentioned in my prior discussion of this will come to pass....

* * *

Global warming is a religion. Get used to it. And the priests of Global Warming will tolerate no apostasy.

* * *

For the first time in days, I didn't add a page to Chicory before falling asleep this morning. I stared at the page for several minutes, trying to figure out what I wanted to draw, and I realized that I was falling asleep, so I gave up. Oh well. There's still about 10 hours of Tuesday left; maybe later.

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