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#1373: Oh so peaceful.

The "religion of peace" has shown, once again, its true colors. "Witnesses said the attackers had specifically targeted Britons and Americans."

Get used to these kinds of headlines, folks. The terrorists expect anyone with a (D) after his name to be pusillanimous and soft, and our next President has already promised he would end America's attempts to rid the world of these asshats.

* * *

The press is expressing surprise and woe that the economy isn't doing very well even after Obama was elected. After they spent the last nine months hammering "recession, recession, recession" what did they think would happen if the markets actually responded?

Consumer confidence is down because the economy--for once--actually fit what the press was saying about the economy. Prior to the downturn, the press was full of "we're all going to go broke and die!" stories based entirely on the fact that oil cost a lot. Then the housing market imploded--the timing of the implosion strangely coincidental with the big bailout bill, coming scant days after the bill was passed--and we had a real economic emergency on our hands.

So now the economy actually is in the toilet, for the first time since 2001--and the press is shocked, shocked! that people are worried about money.


Meanwhile the actual economy has faltered by a fraction of one percent. In other words, the American economy is still chugging along at full steam, making goods and providing services--yet because it's easy to point to the bad stuff, while the good stuff is more inchoate, we get to hear the press triphammer "the economy is screwed!" into our heads.

If we listen, that is. the story goes, as Limbaugh pointed out being true of 1992, "People say, 'I'm doing great, but my neighbor! Oh, he's in trouble!'" Meanwhile the neighbor says exactly the same thing....

* * *

One cop fired, one suspended without pay for making soldiers lick urine or WTF-ever off alley pavement.

Classic case, you know? Cops don't like soldiers and never have. First off, soldiers are just more badass than cops. A cop can go his entire career without firing his weapon at a person (Hollywood's impressions to the contrary notwithstanding); soldiers--particularly in wartime, which it is--are shot at all the damn time. Second, soldiers are typically in better condition and can fight better than cops.

Cops don't like that. They like being on top; it's also why many cops want citizen ownership of firearms to go away. Citizens should be weak.

So these two crapholes humiliate a couple of soldiers. It makes me wonder what else these two power-tripping asshats have done to people? I mean, if you think someone has peed in an alleyway and you want to punish him for it, you give him a citation. Making him lick it up is--first of all--vigilantism, because no cop has the authority to punish people for committing a crime. The function of police is to arrest/cite lawbreakers. The punishment for breaking the law is meted out by the court.

And standing there and laughing about it with other cops? No, there's no abuse of authority there, not at all.

All three of the cops present should have been fired.

* * *

Proving that there is no nether limit, Planned Parenthood is selling gift certificates. And yes, you can use them towards an abortion.

I've got to agree with the pro-lifers here: Planned Parenthood's "Choice on Earth" campaign is in excessively poor taste.

* * *

Ann Coulter on what happens when you let terrorists out of Gitmo.

Apparently she broke her jaw, and it had to be wired shut. Now she'll have to talk through her teeth, which really ought to drive the libtards nuts. (Expect those same libtards to celebrate her broken jaw. In a true display of tolerance some will wish she'd broken her neck.)

* * *

That's about all I've got for today. Now I must go prepare myself for the feast, and since I must drive 2 hours each way in order to attend the feast, it means leaving here no later than 10 AM for a meal that is to take place at 1 PM. *sigh*

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