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#1375: Thank God that's over with

Well, assuming that Saturday's sales are half of what Friday's sales were, and assuming that Sunday's sales are half of Saturdays, our store might make $1 million on the weekend.

Last night we had two trucks and I was doing Backstock (of course!) so my feet were killing me when I got home this morning. (And I did Receiving.)

...and I still don't know what the specials were. We didn't get a Target flyer here (I'm not sure they bothered to adverise in both of the major Chicago papers) and I didn't see one at work, either.

We were selling a 26" LCD TV for about 60% of its regular price, though, and there might have been one (one! out of several pallets' worth!) left at close of business yesterday.

We beat our sales projections, too.

* * *

If PepsiCo would make diet Pepsi that tastes like regular Pepsi, I would drink it. But they don't. We've had NutraSweet for decades, and it is very close in taste to sugar, but diet Pepsi still tastes like diet Pepsi always has.

Now we've got Splenda, which is sugar, but "left-handed"--the human body has protiens with one chiralty, and uses sugars with the other; Splenda is basically sugar which is incompatible with our metabolism. So to our tongues, it tastes like sugar; but everything south of the mouth completely ignores it. And diet Pepsi still tastes like diet Pepsi has always tasted.

Look, it doesn't matter how you sweeten the stuff. Guys like me won't drink the diet unless it tastes like the real thing, and diet Pepsi doesn't.

Let me know when you've attended to that issue, PepsiCo. For cripes' sake I buy enough of the stuff to be able to order you schmucks around.

* * *

Stephen Hawking puts a Franklin where his speech synthesizer is. (That is a headline out of a freaking SF novel, I tells ya.) Hawking has bet $100 that CERN's black hole machine of horrible death and destruction LHC will not give proof of the existence of the Higgs boson.

The Higgs boson is the particle which makes mass feel "massy"--and finding it would make for interesting science. But Hawking thinks that it'd be much more interesting if the LHC fails to find the thing; and I have to agree with him.

* * *

Where is the homosexual activist who will decry this murder? I suspect there aren't any.

Short form: gay man gives another man a date-rape drug and tries to have sex with him. When his victim resists, the gay man strangles him.

What was the gay man thinking when he stranged his victim? Was this a hate crime? Can we give him some extra punishment because we don't like what he was thinking?

My guess: because the gay man is gay, and a member of a "persecuted minority", it's "impossible" for him to be guilty of any sort of hate crime.

* * *

The Curmudgeon Emeritus over at Eternity Road has a few thoughts about fuel prices.

I like his thinking about what the Democrats are likely to do should fuel prices rise. The Democrats are using the same playbook they used in 1935; and so making the same mistakes as Carter all over again would not even remotely surprise me. Whoa, gas is becoming too expensive! We'd better emplace price controls!

...thus ensuring shortages, of course, because that's all price controls ever do: they make a commodity more scarce, to the point that demand exceeds supply.

Now, the Curmudgeon Emeritus thinks that it will be an uphill battle for the GOP to explain to the American public what is happening, but I'm not so sure. All the GOP has to do is explain "without price controls, gas might be $4 per gallon, but you'll get as much as you need. With price controls, gas it $3 per gallon, but you can only buy X many because of rationing. Which do you prefer, as much gas as you need, albeit more expensive? Or only being able to buy as much as the gas station is willing to sell you? Remember, lower prices on gasoline are only good if you can actually buy it at that price."

...and I am sure there are better ways to explain that in a 30-second sound bite. I'm not an adverting guru, damn it. The point is, you can explain the issue to people without having to educate them on the intricacies of supply and demand.

And if the Democrats do emplace price controls again, Obama really will be "Carter 2.0".

* * * that I've had some food I feel like going back to bed.

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