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#1377: Chuck Norris on media bias.

It would probably be simpler and more effective if Chuck Norris simply went to all the people who believe that the US media is not biased and roundhouse kicked them into a glacier.

As I pointed out in an earlier post on this, we can tell how well Iraq is working by how little we've heard about it since last year. The media aren't interested in Iraq any longer, not since the flow of body bags stopped. A success in Iraq doesn't fit their template. Iraq is supposed to be a Vietnam-style quagmire, and when it stops being one, the media lose interest.

Besides, in about six months they can start reporting how wonderful things are in Iraq, and make it all look like President Tweek is responsible for the win.

* * *

Age 16 is too late for spanking. I give the guy points for trying, though.

* * *

This may be a bit of a pickle. Since Hillary (and the other Senators Barry "Tweek" Obama wishes to appoint to Cabinet posts) served during the last wage increase, she may be constitutionally ineligible for the post.

Don't worry, they'll fix it.

* * *

Boortz engages in some sarcasm at the Mumbai attacks. He thought the election of Barry Hussein "Tweek" would prevent this kind of thing, and wonders if we have to wait for the inauguration for the world-saving stuff to start?

I am on the edge of my seat! For the next eight weeks. *sigh*

* * *

Boortz discusses World AIDS Day and he cites a fact that I often cite here: there is no comprehensive AIDS testing in Africa, and most of the "AIDS testing" is in the form of diagnoses: "This patient is presenting with tuberculosis, so he's got to be HIV positive."

Never mind the fact that while a diagnosis of tuberculosis may also indicate HIV, it does not guarantee it since otherwise healthy people get tuberculosis all the time.

* * *

And Boortz takes on Hunger in America! I'm not surprised that these figures are inflated; in the US, obesity is primarily a condition of the poor, not the rich. All the rich folks strive to be thin.

* * *

As for the snow, our total accumulation ended up being a bit more than an inch--one. And I'm not at all surprised.

* * *

The winter season of anime looks like a "meh"-fest to me. Here's a synopsis but nothing there caught my attention, which is rare. Asu no Yoichi is about the closest to "interesting" on that list, and that's only because I like harem comedies.

* * *

The story trumps your life. Unless the "your" in question is a terrorist or a tyrant or a Democrat, of course; then the story is kept quiet.

Man, the mainstream media is full of shitheads. What else is new?

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