atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1382: I had to post this.

It's a bit from this evening's chat over on #gunblogger_conspiracy:

LabRat> Not an assload of snow. But you know, since today was closing day, I bet we get enough to drive the whole damn Valle full of elk down into TOWN.
Atomic_Fungus> Actually the snow is supposed to be minor.
Stingray> Nah, there's still bow and muzzleloader season. We'll get the assload on *that* closing day.
alan> Of course now that Elk season is over you'll see themn everywhere
LabRat> Since when can either of us use either of those?
Stingray> Then they'll all be in our front yard. ALL OF THEM.
Stingray> (And if that happens, I'm calling our neighbor and re-purposing our garage, and having dad drive the vette with the open pipes up and down the street for cover noise.)
Atomic_Fungus> What about a pointed stick?
LabRat> I suppose I could ask my primitivist friends where to get an atlatl...
Stingray> Get? Make.
Stingray> Cave men figured it out. We use computers. We can manage.
Atomic_Fungus> heh
LabRat> Okay, hon. Go build us a canoe out of the Ponderosa in the back yard.
Stingray> Hell no. That tree adds property value and shade in the summer.
Atomic_Fungus> lol
LabRat> Then steal one of the neighbors'.

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