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#1383: A Democrat stealing an election! News?

"Republicans are always accused of being sharks; I wish they'd rise to the level of minnows." Ann Coulter FTW.

Al Franken is doing his level best to steal the election in Minnesota.

* * *

Another bit about Barak Hussein "Tweek" Obama's birth certificate. Apparently the "natural-born" requirement is "outdated".

It didn't seem to be "outdated" when there were questions about John McCain's citizenship. Then again, John McCain whipped out a real birth certificate and immeidately proved his eligibility, unlike a certain President-elect who is still stonewalling, citing the "right to privacy".

* * *

"This is a far cry from the simple relationship between methane production and temperature usually used to model emissions." That is the money quote for this article on methane emissions from the arctic tundra.

And right after the article gets done explaining how freezing causes the release of excess methane, we get this:
Pinning down such details of the natural methane cycle...could help to predict how climate change-induced thawing in the Arctic may release dangerous amounts of the greenhouse gas.
Wait, so freezing is bad, and warming is we're screwed regardless, right? Then I vote for warming, because warming is better for our civilization than another ice age.

Of course, I don't get a vote. It's all up to the sun.

* * *

"Michael Moore's dream paradise", quoth Michelle Malkin, is clamping down on bloggers who are critical of the government.

But they have health care for everyone!

And also from Michelle, liberal blackmail! That's so awesome--the Hispanic Caucus is upset that Boss Tweek hasn't nominated more hispanics to positions in his cabinet and/or administration-to-be.

(Hee hee hee, I just can't get away from using that "Boss Tweek" joke. My president if black, but he's also tweeking out--O_< I can't take the pressure!--and compared to the liberals' Bush Derangement Syndrome, my little joke is tame)

* * *

Owing to the stupid new format over at Nealz Nuze I must link to all these articles seperately:

Chrysler says it'll be a "depression" if automakers don't get their bailout. But 61% of Americans oppose a bailout for automakers. Let 'em file Chapter 11 and bust the unions; the only "depression" going on will be among UAW bosses, and that kind can be cured with a little Xanax.

Chicago mayor Richard Daley 2.0 is setting himself up to be taken out by Jane Byrne 2.0. All JB2 will have to do is point out how poorly the snowplows did...same as 1978. (Or whenever the hell it was.)

I find this insulting. Unions rely on the myth that corporations don't care about their employees--that without union representation, the corporation will work you to death and then spit out the dessicated husk.

These clowns would like you to believe that the trampled Wal-Mart worker's boss was thinking, "Well, there's going to be a rush; maybe I should have some security--no! No, we don't need that, and if someone dies, WTF, we're over our headcount anyway."

But that's not so. In fact this kind of thing could have happened at any store that was having a big sale. It happens. It's a tragedy when it does, but the presence or absence of a union would not have made a difference.

Except maybe that these morons wouldn't be using it as an example of why Wal-Mart should be forced to unionize.

...the religion of peace, tolerance and compassion, that sanctifies the human soul, and whose universal message is one of mutual peaceful coexistence among all the peoples of the world, regardless of their ethnicities, race, religions or languages, and which calls for kind reasoning and dialogue with all their fellow human beings, abhors and despises all such criminal acts and had enacted the utmost severe punishment for their perpetrators.
Oh, right, "peace, tolerance, and compassion," I forgot:

The work of Islamic terrorists:
The other doctor, who had also conducted the post-mortem of the victims, said: "Of all the bodies, the Israeli victims bore the maximum torture marks. It was clear that they were killed on the 26th itself. It was obvious that they were tied up and tortured before they were killed. It was so bad that I do not want to go over the details even in my head again," he said.
This must be some definition of "peace, tolerance, and compassion" with with I was previously not familiar.

I might believe the Organization of the Islamic Conference if, y'know, such condemnations were actually forthcoming from large sectors of the Muslim world. But they aren't, and never have been. Any time there is an islamic terror incident, the silence is deafening, and the only time we hear anything about it from them is when they are decrying the fact that people are noticing which religion is behind the violence.

The remedy is simple, guys: clean your own house. If you don't want the world to denounce Islam, start doing the things you say you do in this press release. Punish the perpetrators. Stop hiding them, stop helping them, stop with the tacit approval of their works, start denouncing the violence any time and every time it happens.

Because if the rest of the world gets sick enough of the violence, you're going to get pounded. Kind of like in Iraq and Afghanistan.

* * *

"Why is the Left so threatened?" This guy is obviously smart enough to figure out the answer for himself.

I'm just surprised that no one's called him a "racist" yet. (Wait, what am I thinking? Of course someone has. I just haven't seen it, it all.)

* * *

Last night I woke up from a nap with a taste for a calabrese, so I ordered a medium sausage, mushroom, and spinach calabrese from the local Aurelio's...which is the only place from which I've ever gotten a calabrese.

An hour and $16.50 later I had my calabrese, and it was perfect. The biggest problem I have with Aurelio's is that their sauce is freaking salty; but in the calabrese, that's not so. I was starving and ate about a third of the thing.

* * *

The ep of House, MD that I had planned to watch was an ep I'd seen. World's Biggest Fixes is actually a pretty dull show, and every time I see that guy's stupid little goatee I want to grab it and punch him in the head until candy comes out.

And still nothing worthwhile on the Showtime channels. Way to advertise, guys--give us a free pass to channels which are showing crap.

* * *

And that's the height of the pile for today! I don't have anything else I need to bloviate on right now, I guess.

WTF they can't all end properly.

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