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#1385: Poor, poor Oprah.

"Snubbed" by Governor Palin. This would be the same Oprah who wouldn't interview the first female VP candidate since Geraldine Ferraro because she didn't want to turn her show into a "platform" for candidates. (Other than Barry "Tweek" Obama.)

Now Oprah is upset because Governor Palin has refused to go on her show. "I would be happy to talk to Sarah Palin. [She talked to a bunch of other talk show hosts but] she didn't talk to me!"

O I weep bitter tears.

You know what? Hooraw Sarah Palin! Every time this woman hits the news I like her even more. She's smart enough to know that no matter what she does the lefties aren't going to like her, so she doesn't even try to court them. That's one of many things that conservatives liked about her from the moment of her address to the RNC last summer: she knows what's what.

Oprah is aghast, simply incredulous that anyone would refuse to be on her show! How can this be? Sarah Palin could be on Oprah! yet she is refusing! That doesn't happen, ever!

Suck it, Oprah.

* * *

Another story about Boss Tweek's birth certificate. I don't think that "dual citizenship" would preclude someone from being President. The rest of the article is a rehash of all the other stories. Included here for the sake of completeness, and because it lets me use the phrase "Boss Tweek" again. (Hee hee hee hee hee.)

* * *

Has anyone told Boss Tweek that Roosevelt's New Deal didn't fix anything? I mean, the New Deal was supposed to boost the American economy out of the depression, but it didn't. The entire reason Roosevelt was so eager to go to war was that only a wartime economy could possibly put an end to the Depression.

Besides which, there is the slight problem of money. Boss Tweek wants to spend a lot of money; where will it come from? Running the presses? Ask Weimar Germany how well that worked for them.

* * *

Here is the funny thing about the atheist sign at the Washington State Capitol: it starts off by mentioning that the holiday season surrounds the "winter solstice".

"Winter solstice" is a pagan holiday.

Militant atheists are pretty funny, actually. Everything they say about religion is said in this snide, arrogant tone that somehow rings hollow to me. They can't prove that there's no God, so they turn to calling themselves "brights" and acting as if they are the arbiters of reason and intellect--and denigrating people who believe otherwise.

(I say "militant atheists". I don't mean people like Steven Den Beste, who is a reasonable man. I mean morons like that one guy who wanted a communion wafer so he could violate it on YouTube.)

They make a lot of noise, and I think it's to distract themselves from the fact that atheism is also a religion. You cannot support it with "science", no matter how much you try, because it's impossible to prove a negative--you can't prove that God doesn't exist. (You can't prove that He does, either--proof denies faith.) Atheism takes as an article of faith that there is no god (or gods) of any kind.

And I think this sums that worldview up nicely:

* * *

Some people feel sorry for Boss Tweek. And I do too, I suppose--but only a little. Look: he wanted the job, and now he's got it; tough beans if it's not all whipped cream and cherries.

Being President of the United States is an enormous responsibility, and once you're sworn in your life is not your own--you can't even take a crap without someone monitoring it. There are all manners of perks that you get when you're the boss, but those perks are not worth the killing stress that you'll endure while you're sitting in that chair. Presidents soon find that although you might be the most powerful man in the world, you're not your own master, and in fact you're not even really in charge of anything, because in the US you have Congress and the Supreme Court acting as "checks and balances". And the press, which is ever-eager to cover your fuck-ups in gruesome detail. (Yes, even a Democrat's.)

That's why Obama is tweeking. Already.

* * *

In the interest of fairness, note that Boeing's 787 "Dreamliner" has now slipped two years. Just like AirBus' overwhelming A-380 "Boondoggle".

* * *

...and that's all I've got. Oh well.

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