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#1389: Blago's in the fuego.

Dang. I mean, how often does the FBI just go and arrest a sitting politician?

Illinois: New Jersey on Lake Michigan!

Reportedly, the Illinois Legislature is going to convene an emergency session to impeach the guy, so that he can't appoint someone to Obama's senate seat from jail.

* * *

Brian Dunbar confirms my suspicions re: The Day The Earth Went "Whoa". Awesome. (And I mean that inversely: "bizarro awesome".)


As arrogant as the aliens in the original were, at least they had a point: Man had to rein in his violent tendencies or face being wiped out by an alien civilization which wants no interstellar wars.

In this version, though, the aliens are telling us that the planet we evolved on is not our planet, and that they will kill us all if we don't toe their eco-nazi line.


Are these aliens going to give us the technology we need in order to move away from fossil fuels? Because if they're not going to help us then they should go the fuck away and let us make our own goddamned mistakes, and not kill us all because we can't jump directly to fusion power from muscle power. (Clean fusion. Hydrogen fusion--and I mean hydrogen, as in "one proton, one electron" hydrogen, not deuterium/tritium/helium-3 fusion.)

* * *

Neal Boortz asks a simple question about global warming: "If global warming is real, then can someone tell me why the oceans are getting cooler?"

You can't have the atmosphere get warmer while the oceans get cooler; it's impossible. And I mean that literally: it is thermodynamically impossible. Not just "unlikely" or "not demonstrated" but flat-out IM-POSS-I-BLE.

What you could do is build a giant refrigeration system which would pump heat from the water into the atmosphere--but it would take a lot of power and it would have to be an active system. It cannot happen passively.

So if the oceans are getting cooler, it means that global warming is in fact not happening, because the oceans represent an enormous thermal mass--if heat is leaving the oceans it means that the atmosphere is not retaining heat as well as we think it is, and that means that Earth is cooling.

If ocean temperatures are cyclical, it means that the air temperatures are too, because the oceans store a hell of a lot more heat than the air does. (Look up the specific heat capacities of water and air. There is a reason water vapor is the king of greenhouse gases.)

* * *

I was going to go on, but I think my next subject deserves its own post. See you.

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