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#1396: It's not up to you, Dingy Harry!

Harry Reid says he "wouldn't seat" any Senator that Blago (D) appoints.

The problem with that is, the Constitution leaves such matters up to the states. The federal government has no say in who a state chooses to represent it. It's true that the Senate could refuse to seat the new Senator, but it would open a largish can of worms. As long as Blago (D) is governor of Illinois--and it doesn't look like he's planning to abdicate--whoever Blago(D) appoints is it, and the Senate will be shy a Democrat if Reid (D) doesn't seat the guy.

I don't think it'll make much difference in the long run. The Illinois legislature could vote to impeach Blago(D), and remove him from office, but that will take time. Then his lieutenant governor could do the appointing.

By the way, I had heard that the Lt. governor had resigned; that turns out not to be the case.

Whatever the case may be, this entire situation is utterly screwed up. I am not prepared to say that Blago(D)'s arrest is not politically motivated, only because our President-elect is the scion of the Chicago Machine (D)--and he has ties to Blago(D) and Blago(D)'s bagman, Tony Rezko. There may be a connection, a deeper one than just "we lived in the same neighborhood"--and Blago(D) could have been arrested to shut his mouth.

No way to tell. Yet. I just hope that Fitzpatrick is as diligent going after Democrats as he is when he goes after Republicans.

* * *

"WTF is up with this 'Blago(D)' stuff?" you ask? Well, since the national media seems to have trouble reporting the fact that Blagojevich is a Democrat, I thought it best to emphasize the fact. Y'know, just in case anyone from Newsweek or Time happens across the Fungus. (But they wouldn't stay long enough to read anything; this stuff's too highbrow for them, anyway. They might learn something, OMG, the horror.)

* * *

I have to agree with this. President-elect Barak "Boss Tweek" Obama has promised that his administration would be "transparent" and ethical and all that; I think his office should immediately release any and all communications they had with Blago(D)'s office. I think that would demonstrate his dedication to open and honest government.

...unless, y'know, that was just pillow talk or something....

* * *

Illiois Democrats wonder how quickly they can oust Blago(D). Well, that's not what the article says, but that's what it means.
"He appears to listen to no one, and his conduct becomes more outrageous as time goes on," said Steve Brown, spokesman for Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan.
Well, until the legislature removes the guy, he's got the job, and there's nothing "outrageous" about it. He's governor until and unless he is removed from power, since he obviously doesn't intend to resign. It's only "outrageous" because Madigan has never liked Blago(D).

And since his innocence is presumed, it would be stupid of him not to act as if he were innocent. If you act guilty it just adds fuel to the fire. The evidence against him is damning but until he has his day in court it's not proof.

Madigan would do well to remember that an accusation is not proof, and at the moment Blago(D) has only been accused of criminal acts. Vote to impeach him if you like, Mr. Madigan, but there is nothing "outrageous" about a man showing up to work to do his job.

* * *

There is a very simple answer to this: follow the money.</i> Where does the money go once someone has bought a car? Does it stay in the US, or does it go to another country? That is how you determine whether something is "American-made" or not.

So although a Honda or Toyota may be assembled in the United States, all of the profit goes to Japan. They are therefore Japanese cars.

A Ford made in Mexico is still an "American" car, because the profit stays in the US.

This really isn't that complex an issue, folks.

* * *

I had another link I was going to comment on, but then I realized that it was too stupid for me to worry about. Oh well.

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