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#1397: Global warming debunking, Batman, Hulk

Eternity Road post on global warming. A worthwhile read, and the linked PDF is interesting too.

* * *

I just finished another "double feature" night. I watched The Dark Knight and The Hulk. (The second one, not the first one.)

First off, the Batman movie--WOW. I mean, wow. Heath Ledger did the ultimate Joker. I don't think there can ever be a better one. The laugh was perfect.

...and he's dead, damn it. But holy shit did that movie rule.

Hulk was entertaining, too. Edward Norton works well as Bruce Banner, and there were all kinds of nice homages to the TV series. Nothing deep here, just a fun action movie.

* * *

I finally came up with the modern equivalent of "boob tube". That phrase fits a CRT-type television because that's all a CRT is: a vacuum tube. (The "T" stands for "tube", after all.)

But when it comes to flat-panel displays, it doesn't work. Sure, plasma screens hold a vacuum, but it's not the same.

So I thought about it, and suddenly it came to me: blab slab. Short, sweet, derisive--it's perfect.

When I get one, I know what to call it.

* * *

For once I got the disease on House, MD before it was revealed. "Oh!" I said. "It's rabies!"

* * *

That's really all I've got. But dang was that movie awesome.

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