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#1402: But its 120 orders of magnitude too strong!

"Proof" of dark energy. But there is nothing in the article discussing the fact that it doesn't fit with everything else we know about physics.

Like, I don't know, the fact that it's 10120 too strong?

* * *

2008 is fricking cold.


As always, though, when we have a cold year it's just a blip, but when we have a warm year it's proof of man-made climate change.

* * *

Why did Fitzpatrick jump the gun? His arrest of Blago(D) was precipitous--and possibly damaged the case against Blago(D)!--which has led some conservative commentators to wonder why Fitzpatrick was in such a balls-out hurry to arrest Blago(D).

Cops normally do not act to prevent crime, except when someone's life is at stake, because if you catch someone in the act it makes for an excellent court case.

Was there something connecting Blago(D) to Boss Tweek that Fitzpatrick was afraid of? Remember, this is the guy who prosecuted "Scooter" Libby for perjury after Libby misremembered something about the Plame case--when Fitz. knew who had "leaked" Plame's name and that Plame wasn't a covert agent and therefore wasn't endangered by the "leak" in the first place.

So it's got people wondering, and if things continue the mainstream media just might decide they have to cover it. (Attempting to regain their credibility and all.) Here's hoping.

And Rahm Emanuel apparently did some "horse trading" to get votes for Clinton in 1996. "Illegal"? The article doesn't seem to draw any conclusions but it's not even remotely susprising that this kind of thing is linked to the Clinton administration.

* * *

"3-6 inches of snow" turned out to be 1-2. This on top of the freezing rain we got Sunday night. I got home from work and had to use 4WD to get up the driveway, so I threw down some salt before going in.

Then, after getting home from running errands, I had to use 4WD again to get up the driveway because of the snow that had already fallen. *sigh*

Then I managed to get 6 hours of sleep, which helped my generic incoherence and inability to concentrate, but I am still not firing on all cylinders. I'll probably hit the hay once this is finished.

Wednesday I get to do some Christmas shopping. Whee, etc. But hopefully I can do some of it on-line.

* * *

Fun item of the day: "Jingle Shells", a string of Christmas lights made from shotgun shells. It's awesome.

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