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#1403: Real housewives of Cook County

Post title shamelessly taken from Michelle Malkin. Well, sort of, anyway.

Michelle's article is about Patty Blago(D), and Rezko's wife, and Boss Tweek's wife, and how they interconnect--and if Mrs. Tweek is connected to Blago(D) then it stands to reason that Boss Tweek himself is connected with Blago(D).

And since Blago(D) is going to sing like a canary once it becomes obvious that he cannot just bluff his way past this, we'll either know what that connection is...or Blago(D) himself will mysteriously turn up dead. "That," Sean Connery notably said, "is the Chicago way."

* * *

I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often.

Having been forced to listen to this kind of music far too often, I have heard many examples of "sampling" that went far beyond "fair use".

Okay, that song by Spandau Ballet, "True", has had its entire lead-in lifted and used as the music for a rap song. Another song takes music and lyrics from Supertramp's "Breakfast in America", although the "artist" did his own "singing" for that one.

I'm told that there's some provision in copyright law for this nonsense.

In the 1980s, Huey Lewis sued Ray Parker, Jr, because "Ghostbusters" used the same music as "I Want a New Drug". (It's not obvious, but if you really listen you can hear it.) Huey Lewis won damages for that.

Yet rap "artists" steal wholesale and are praised for it--until they start stealing from each other, I guess.

* * *

Chrysler has something like a 115 day supply of cars so they're planning to stop production for a month. At least a month, rather.

Thanks to union contracts, a factory which shuts down still has to pay its workers. It is actually cheaper for Chrysler to continue to build cars it can't sell. But apparently there is a limit to how far that can go.

With a huge backlog of unsold cars--both foreign and domestic--stacking up all over the US, soon it becomes a problem of where to put the things.

* * *

Ann Coulter discusses Al Franken's continuing attempt to steal the election he has lost in Minnesota.

The Democrats don't give a rat's ass how he does it, as long as the Democrat wins. At this point I expect that even if the election was finally certified as a Republican win, the Democrats would pull their old tricks and end up seating a Democrat anyway.

Meanwhile the national leadership sits on its hands and does nothing. Will you assholes grow a freaking SPINE already!

* * *

Japan has socialized medicine, so I fail to see how this could possibly be true.

...actually Japan has a fascist medical system a la the one the Democrats wish to foist upon us, where the providers are privately owned but government-controlled. This makes the story told at the link even more entertaining for those of us who wish to retain the US medical system in approximately its current state, though with much less government intrusion.


* * *

...there is no humorous or snappy ending today. I just don't have it in me.

I had one of those days where I would wake up, think, "I should get up"...and then roll over and fall asleep again.

It's Wednesday already; in one week it'll be Christmas Eve. I've got a rather long list of things that I must take care of before this time next week, and I haven't even started any of them.

I guess I know what that means I should do right now.

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