atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1407: Oh GOD did that suck. I went to bed Saturday morning, and woke up 2 hours later (if that) with a fever and abdominal cramps. Bad abdominal cramps.

So on top of the sinusitis I had that to contend with.

From the time I got home around 7:30 Saturday morning, until about 4 PM Sunday, I got a total of six hours of broken sleep. I couldn't sleep because of my tummy ache. Chills, intermittent fever, and those damned cramps. Plus epic heartburn.

Sunday morning I took another 4 antacid tablets; and an hour later I took five, which finally put the fire out. The cramps continued until after 4, when my gut finally blew down and stopped hurting.

Then, I slept. Finally. The first thing I did upon awakening was to take a fricking shower, because I hadn't bathed since Friday night, before work.

Current status: slight residual cramping; a headache due to lack of food and caffiene. And I'm tired, of course.

* * *

The weather was extra-bad today. It's four below zero right now.

We had freezing rain the other night, and Friday evening I had to chip a glacier off the Jeep before I could drive to work. Saturday the temperatures plummeted and the wind kicked up.

The power flickered many times Sunday afternoon. Ice-coated trees and high winds don't mix well.

Mom and I went to Walgreen's so we could pick up a few necessities (a prescription for me, and generic Zantac for the acid stomach) and while we were leaving we both saw a couple of power lines go down--big bright festive green aurorae of vaporizing copper atop the poles.


Not a good day, all told.

So now I'm eating some macaroni and cheese, and in a little bit I'll go back to WoW.

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