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#1411: Merry Christmas!

No, this is not an angel. That is what is commonly referred to as a "sunbeam".

Believe me, if you somehow got a picture of an angel, it wouldn't look like that. Either the entire image would be so bright as to be washed out (if it were displaying a heavenly aspect) or else it would be in perfect detail (if it were displaying an earthly aspect) to the limit of the camera's resolution--ie indistinguishable from an ordinary human.

I'm tired of these lame-ass "OMG it's a ghost/angel/supernatural thingy" pictures. Lim 100% of the time, it's an easily-explainable phenomenon which anyone could figure out if he just put his brain in gear and gave a little sentient thought to the issue. (Instead of seeing what he wants to see.)

Why? Because we've had the ability to take pictures for much more than a century and the verifiable examples of images of supernatural phenomenae can be counted on one's thumbs at best.

There was a picture circulating a few years ago of a menorah in Washington, DC, and in the upper right corner there were blue lights which got people wondering about angels. They weren't; if they weren't lens flares (which a lot of these photographs are) they were blue jets.

* * *

Queers eat soup too. There's nothing wrong with a manufacturer advertising with ads targeted to the audience they expect from a particular media outlet. Campbell's isn't endorsing lesbianism; they are trying to sell soup to lesbians. This isn't like Miller Beer sponsoring a homosexual sex-fest in San Francisco or whatever the deal was with McDonald's.

* * *

(By the way, don't click on that link. There are plenty of warnings between you and the NSFW content, but it's nothing you want to see. Really. Not unless you have a strong enough stomach to work in a nursing home for longer than a few days. Or hours.)

* * *

I don't think Dark Knight was "anti-American" but I'll agree with the rest of Feder's points, here.

* * *

GET A GRIP YOU FREAKING MORONS! Santa Claus is not Satan!

"An internet Google search on "Satan Claus" [not Santa Claus – but SATAN Claus] found over 1,700 hits! Obviously, there are many that tie the two together."

..."over 1,700 hits"? Let's try other variations.

"Sandy Claus": 1,750,000 hits
"Santa Claws": 533,000 hits
"Satan Claus": 21,200,000 hits
"Santa Claus": 21,400,000

This asshat doesn't even know how to operate Google.

And this is why I object to these fucking retards and their microcephalic theories: "This theory is a popular belief among many Christian communities."

No it isn't. Most Christians are capable of recognizing the difference between a holiday character and a religious figure. "Santa Claus" is a fictional person; Satan--according to Christian faith--is a fallen angel who delights in the torment of humans. One is a fun thing; the other is a part of religion.

At the bottom of the page is the usual exhortation for people to be "saved" by Jesus. Above that is the usual denunciation of "fantasy" as "of Satan". That's right, magic is satanic, blah blah blah, etcetera, Harry Potter, Sorcerer's Apprentice, yada yada.


* * *

Francis Poretto at Eternity Road has some good stuff in today's ruminations. I particularly like the second part, about Chuck Norris.

* * *

While we're at it, let's collect unicorn flatus and power generators with that, too. Because, you know, rainbows are just so eco-friendly.

I dealt with the colossal stupidity of this nonsense in an earlier post, yet like a zombie it keeps getting up. Hello? Laws of Thermodynamics? Law of Diminishing Returns?

* * *

Michelle Malkin on more eco-stupidity. Oh, road salt is so terrible for the let's just stop using it. Let's use sand, instead.

...I bet this idiocy doesn't happen next year. If it does, expect some politicians to lose their jobs.

* * *

This is a cute holiday video but I can't believe how much time and money people are willing to waste on "neat but WTF" things like this.

* * *

We had to make a quick run to the bank this morning; but now we are in for the day. (We hope.) I've got some Christmas cards to write (not to be mailed) and some presents to wrap, but I believe I will wait until later this evening to do so. Right now--yeah, you guessed it--I'm-a going back to Azeroth.

After yesterday's install-o-rama--and after giving Blizzard my payment info--I was running around in dwarven form when a call came over the general channel for people to sign a guild charter. "I'll pay 1 GP!"

I was nearby; I ran over and said, "I'll sign your charter!" my dwarf, Torgilgrimm, 8th level, got the incredible bounty of 1 GP and joined a guild. That was the first time I'd run him in days (I've been running Calandryxyzz, my human warrior). It was cool.

Then I went to check the mail for my guild tabard, and--lo and behold!--some folks had sent me swag!

I thought it was guild members, but no--it was actually a friend of mine from work, though I didn't figure that out until much later. And it was a lot of swag, including some 16-slot bags. Yahoo!

...fifty gold. At 8th level, 50 GP makes you feel like Bill Gates.

So I've participated in some groups; both characters have joined guilds; and I'm having a ball with this thing. I guess that's why it's so successful: it's fun.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

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