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#1412: I almost forgot the octothorpe!

I once had an argument over the names of various common symbols. With, I was reminded, an English major, which was all the proof he needed that he was right.

What did he insist was correct?

"@" is called an "ampersand".

"&" is the "and symbol".

I suggested that he check a dictionary; he didn't, becaue he knew he was right. Liberals--what the hell can you do with them?

In fact, "@" is "at" and "&" is "ampersand".

And "#" is the "octothorpe", which has to be the coolest name for a punctuation symbol ever. And today I nearly forgot to prefix the post number with one.

* * *

I have spent a lot of time since Christmas night asleep, finally. Christmas night I went to bed at about 9 PM and slept until 5 AM. I got up for a bit, finished reading Man-Kzin Wars XI, and then went to bed around 10-ish. Woke up around 6 PM, and called off work last night due to the residual effects of the sinister illness I had; I had slept from about 10 AM until 6 PM. I called off around 7, hit the hay again, and slept until 2 AM. Got up, had some leftovers, and went to sleep again until 5:30.

...which is a damn sight better than getting your sleep 2-3 hours at a time, as I had been doing since Saturday. I can go for a few hours on a couple hours of sleep, but I've got no endurance beyond that.

So I only work one more day this year.

* * *

As for Christmas, it was a very merry and pleasant affair.

I spent Christmas Eve at home (with the exception of one morning trip to the bank, as mentioned) doing very little but playing WoW and trying to sleep.

After getting a few hours' sleep I got up around 5 AM Christmas day. I baked cinnamon rolls, and finished off the leftover General Tao's Chicken which had been dinner on the 23rd before eating two of the rolls. I wrapped presents for a while; then finally hit the hay around 8-ish. When I got up it was 11; I hit the shower and looked a little GQ. (Very little.) After that it was full speed ahead until 9-ish.

As for loot, I mostly got money, which is 100% fine with me. I also got a pair of sleep pants with the old-timey Pepsi logo all over them, a wooden Jumping Jack, and a "Cat-A-Pult" toy--a gun-shaped object that can hurl the included four little plastic cats "up to 15 feet!"

Most cool.

Even cooler was the fact that the gifts I got everyone went over very well. So score one for me.

* * *

I had forgotten all about the Man-Kzin Wars series. I don't know quite were my collection of the books stops, either. I'm going to have to go find the ones I haven't read, though, and get 'em.

Niven pretty much ignores his "Known Space" universe these days. I don't know if he writes much of anything in it anymore; as far as I know, Ringworld Throne was the first new bit of stuff in that world for years--and it was about Louis Wu. I'd like to see more about other parts of the universe, dang it. Anyway, Niven now picks stories written by others to include in the M-KW books, so I have to assume that they're now part of the canon for his universe.

M-KW11 does some interesting things with the entire "Slaver-Tnuctipun/Pak Protector" portion of the canon. I like it. I'm going to have to figure out where I left off and start buying books.

But while reading the thing, I realized that I write better than some of these guys--one guy in particular could not handle dialogue all that well, and treated the end of the first Man-Kzin War in too cavalier a fashion for my taste. Yes it would seem to come suddenly, to someone who was far from the battle front; no it should not have been handled the way the guy handled it.

Oh well.

* * *

So today the weather forecasters say it's going to be almost sixty degrees, and wet. That may be why I'm sitting here in a tee-shirt and shorts and sweating.

* * *

The text says, "The nice thing about being a dwarf: where me eye level is. :P~"

Reasons for playing a dwarf, #1:

And right before I said that, the user interface informed me that I now felt rested. O yea, you bet I did.

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