atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1413: Sunday!

I spent 12 hours on Saturday running around in WoW.

I finished a lot of pending quests (for both characters) such that one character has two and the other has four remaining. There are still approximately a billion other quests to do, but I wanted to trim down their lists as far as I could before taking on new ones.

So the warrior is 15th level and the priest is 14th.

Calandraxyzz, the warrior, kicks ass. Put her up against a small mob of 10th or 11th level creatures and she can kill them all in pretty short order and have enough hit points left to move on immediately. I pounded through the mine at the Go'Bolar (sp?) quarry and didn't come out until my inventory was full of swag. I'll have to move on from Elwynn Forest just because there are increasingly fewer monsters in there that give me XP.

My next area of operations will be Westfall, where there's a bunch of higher-level junk to kill that ought to suit quite nicely.

I also logged a lot of gryphon flights yesterday, trying to get from place to place as quickly as I could. I should get frequent-flier miles.

I'm still thinking about starting up a Forsaken something-or-other just to see how the other half lives. But right now I'm juggling two characters and don't want to needlessly complicate things.

Either way, at least this is keeping me out of trouble.

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